Friday, March 14, 2014

Leprechaun Traps!

The pin I am featuring this week is:

I love any reason to celebrate and St. Patricks Day just comes at a good time while we are waiting for Spring!  This was an excellent pin and for the most part I did exactly as they instructed, with just a FEW little changes.

Have you ever had leprechauns invade your home!?  The trouble they can be!  PLUS, if you really do catch a leprechaun they have to tell you all their secrets of where the gold is hidden!  Making one of these leprechaun traps is sure to be a benefit to you!
Items Needed:
Empty Oatmeal can
Green Felt
Black Felt
Yellow Felt
Shamrock Foam Stickers

Cover your oatmeal can with the green felt, and add the black and yellow felt as shown to make the buckle for the hat.
Cut a circle of felt for the bottom of the hat and a circle of felt to place on the top of the hat.  (Note:  You will just set this felt on top so the leprechaun will fall into the trap when he goes to get the gold)

Decorate with your favorite stickers.
Make your ladder with the sticks (I just glued them with a glue gun) and put some sort of pot of gold or gold coins on top to entice your leprechaun.  
Items Needed:
Wire Hanger
Green Cardstock
White Cardstock or Poster Board
Strawberry basket or I just used a chinese take out box
Cotton Balls
Pot of Gold Decoy
Invisible thread

Bend your wire hanger as shown.

Color your rainbow on card stock and tape it to the front of the hanger.

Tape your green card stock to the bottom of the hanger to represent the grass.
Make your trap by either covering a berry basket with cotton balls, or if you can’t find that… I just cut some slits in a take out box (so the leprechaun can breathe) and then attached cotton balls to it!

Thread string through the top of the hanger and attach it to both the gold pot decoy and “cloud”

When your leprechaun comes to steal your pot of gold, the trap will fall and catch him!
Items Needed:  
Tall box (I used a smaller cereal box)
Green Tissue Paper
Pipe Cleaners
River rocks
White Paint
Green Cardstock
Gold coins or Gold Pot Decoy

Cut the top of your cereal box so you just have the two flaps on the top.

Cover the entire box with tissue paper.

Sponge paint the front of the box with white paint.

Glue rocks on so the leprechaun has a rock wall he is tempted to climb (Remember, they are very mischievous)

Attach your pipe cleaners to form a rainbow in the back.

Place your bait on top and use the green card stock to simulate grass on the bottom.  

Good luck catching these little buggers, if you get one and he tells you where all the gold is, please share the info with me!  


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