Friday, March 21, 2014

April Fools Day ideas!

Every year it seems my husband gets our family, this year…. the kids and I are determined to win!  So, I have searched pinterest for some great ideas.  These are some of my favorites:
Parking Lot Damage note
This pin would be fun to watch!
Take a sticky note and watch people look for the damage on their car!

Cheating Dice (Pinterest FAIL)
It would be SO fun to win every time, right!?  Check out this pin to guarantee a good game.  

Instructions:  Put your dice face the way you want them to land face up.  Bake in an oven for 10 minutes at 250 degrees… They should land face up every time.

We tried it, and IT DOES NOT WORK!!!
Colored Water
This pin was found here.  I have to admit my husband did this to me and I thought I was bleeding!  Not a nice joke :)
Instructions:  Unscrew your faucet, add a dye pellet from an Easter egg dye kit and watch your water turn a different color!
The Undrinkable Drink
This pin  is a fun idea for dinner!

Instructions:  Make jello in your favorite glasses (per the instructions on the box) and add a straw before it sets!  

And, although they aren’t pins, I couldn’t help but share 2 of my favorite jokes:
Sneaky Photo
When at CAMERA SHY, my girls talked the photographer into taking this hilarious photo they had every intention of posting on social media.  This is just one reason why I LOVE this studio.  They have a fun sense of humor AND they have amazing photography* Glad I busted them!
Free Ads
Last year my husband thought it would be clever to post this ad.  I had no idea until people actually started texting and calling me to buy my shoes!  (Which by the way were the shoes of all the ladies in his office).  These texts were for real!  Not to mention all the phone calls I got:
*Camera Shy never pays me for my opinion, this is my own opinion :)

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