Thursday, February 6, 2014

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week... Valentines Boxes

Valentines Day is coming and let’s be honest…. Those Classroom Valentine boxes are just as much a parents job as it is the student!  I tried 2 different popular pins and thought they were both great options when YOU (I mean, your CHILD) makes their Valentines Box.

Minion Valentine Box

Items Needed:
Cereal Box
Blue tape (or blue painters tape) 
2 Kerr Jar Lids
White Paper
Black Paper (or a strip of black electrical tape) 
Green Paper

  1. Cut the hole where the mouth will be.  Hint:  Since you will be using Duck Tape to cover the box you can cut right through the top!
  2. Cover the entire box with yellow Duck Tape.  I had to cover it with 2 layers due to it being a little transparent!
  3. Using blue tape, make some overalls
  4. Attach a black strip of paper for the glasses
  5. I used some Kerr Jar lids for the glasses.  I just used the inside part of the lid to trace the white paper and then used a 1 1/4” circle punch and a 1/2” circle punch to make the eyeballs!
  6. With white paper, just freehand cut some “bad teeth” and stick them in the mouth opening.
Monster Valentine Box

Items Needed:
Kleenex Box
Foam Hearts
Sheet of White Foam
Wiggly Eyes
Egg Carton
  1.  Paint your Kleenex box.
  2. Add pink foam hearts (or any other shape your child likes)
  3. Cut your egg carton and paint 
  4. Add your goggly eyes
  5. Cut Teeth from your foam board and place inside the opening
Image is from

Another fun use!

This box can also be used as a “tattle monster” after Valentines Day.  This pin also has a darling printable you can use to tell your kids what to do!


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