Thursday, February 20, 2014

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week... Removing Permanent Marker

I LOVE Sharpie Markers…. but for myself!  Seeing my child with a Sharpie Marker in their hand can be one of the scariest sights I have seen.  I was pretty excited to see this pin and thought it would be helpful to let you know if these ideas do in fact work!

The pin is HERE!

Here is what I tried, and my review of if it worked.
Removing Sharpie from your CLOTHES 
This was a fun one to attempt.  I used both spray hand sanitizer and gel hand sanitizer.  It definitely removed much of the color, but it did NOT remove the marker!  I know for a fact as well that if you wash your clothes with Sharpie marked on them, it will stay on permanently so as awesome as this seems, my attempt was a FAIL.  Has anyone had it work successfully?

By the way…  I read somewhere that you can remove marker by soaking your clothes in milk.  I tried that…and no, that was a joke :)
Only because I love viewers so, I tried this on my wall!  For the toothpaste, it did work and I do think if I had kept at it I could have removed all of the stain.  BUT, it was hairspray that worked really well and it worked quickly!  I would work in smaller areas and for sure test a spot because it can take up some of your paint!

It works!  I put a small dot on my carpet (Oh boy I hope no one tells my husband) and it got out with white vinegar.  I first put some on my towel and blotted the stain, then I soaked the stain VERY CAREFULLY and blotted it with my towel until the stain DISAPPEARED!
I tried this on the inside of a cabinet and it worked GREAT.  I put the alcohol on my rag and used it that way so I wouldn’t risk damaging the wood.  I was so impressed with how easy it was, I tried it on some unfinished wood… fail.  I think this only works if your working with finished wood like cabinets or molding!

This worked and was SO easy!  I just colored over my secret writing with a Dry Erase Marker, Erased it and Poof!  Magic happened :)

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