Thursday, January 16, 2014

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week.... DIY Chalkboard Paint

This is the pin that I wanted to try out this week!

We LOVE chalkboard paint in our house!  I even painted my daughters entire wall in chalkboard paint!  Check it out:

For this little project, here is what we did:
Items needed:
Acrylic Paint
Dry Non-Sanded grout 
Measuring Spoons and Cups
Disposable bowl
Sponge Brush

Put 1 1/2 tsp of the Non Sand grout in your bowl.
Add 1/4 C of your paint

Mix together well.  Yum, it looks like chocolate.... (I guess I am hungry!)
It will have some little lumps in it, don’t worry!  
It all lays flat when you paint your surface.  I painted 3 coats on mine. 
Prep the Surface of your Chalkboard:  Rub a piece of chalk over the entire board.  Erase completely and it is ready to go!
My opinion:

The cost is awesome!  I got the grout at Home Depot and the smallest size was only $5 and would last for a TON of paint!  Overall, this chalkboard worked amazing!  

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