Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week.... DIY Mercury Glass

 I was very excited to see if this Mercury Tutorial was “for real” because I have decorated a big portion of my home with mercury glass!  I just love how classy, yet casual it looks. 

HERE is the original  pin I followed!

Items Needed:
GLASS jar - Got mine from Amazon HERE for $7.44 :)  You can also find this exact jar at Walmart 
Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Like paint HERE is the link for it on Amazon.  I also saw this at Michael's the other day.  I just like Amazon because I'm.... kinda lazy!
Tape and a grocery bag
Spray Bottle of Water
Carefully carry your supplies outside so you don't spray paint your whole house.  I know, it seems strange to have to add this step but apparently I missed it when I was making mine:
... and that right there is why I have no lid on my jar :(
Tape off the outside of the jar with your tape and a grocery bag
Spray the inside with a spritz of water
Spray the paint INSIDE the jar and let dry upside down for about an hour.
I did 2 coats, you could do more if you would like it to look even less transparent I am sure!

My opinion:  This really did take me about 10 minutes!  I don’t think it is as perfect as the other Mercury Glass I have purchased at  Pottery Barn for $40-$90 BUT it only cost me about $8.  I do think it limits you to wide mouth jars AND you can’t put food or anything “scratchy” in it because the paint will wear off but for the price, love it!

Here is a picture of my lovely Pottery Barn $40 glass jug I purchased along side the $8 Mercury Glass I made:
The DIY stuff is definitely more transparent.  If I had done several more coats I wonder if that would make it less transparent.  My fingers were totally silver and it is cold outside so I decided transparent mercury glass is now the new trend.

Here is the Mercury Glass in my front room.  My cheap little jar blends in awesome with my other decorations :)
I think I will have to try this again!  (And maybe I won't drop the lid this time!)


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