Friday, December 20, 2013

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week.... DIY Gift Bows

 Ahhh.... homemade gift bows.... Uh, some were a hit and some were a MAJOR miss!  Here is what I think...

Perfect Ribbon Bow #1
This is the  original pin 

Items Needed:
Template (download HERE)

Cut out the template and mount onto a THICKER cardboard!  I tried with paper…. frustrating!  Wrap the ribbon around the template in order of each number.  Go around 4 times.  Tie with a little piece of ribbon in the middle and “fluff” it up!

Evaluation…  DISASTER!  It took 4 yards of ribbon which makes this bow about $4 and it is soooo frustrating for the average housewife to manage all the craziness!  If you can do it, PLEASE download the template and comment on my blog :)  Of course, I could be doing it wrong, the original pin is just a picture with NO written instructions.  I looked everywhere for a different pin with this method and couldn’t find anything!  It does make me wonder if I had used wired ribbon, I think it could have worked.  But the original pin showed regular ribbon and that for sure did NOT work!  
Magazine Bows
This is the original pin.

Items Needed:
Magazine or I used a piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper
Double sided tape


Cut (3) 3/4”x11” strips, (3) 3/4” x 10” strips, (2) 3/4” x 9” strips, (1) 3/4” x 3 1/2” strips

Twist each strip to form loops at both ends and tape together.  Make a circle out of the smallest strip.
Layer and stick starting with the shortest strips, layering them as you go.

Evaluation… I loved this process!  Maybe it was because I was so frustrated with the last one!  If you use magazines, the cost would be free!  With the 12x12 paper, it was about $.80 per bow depending on the type of paper you buy.  The down side to this… it takes about 10 min per bow.  Maybe I could get faster over time… 
Cone Star Ornaments

HERE is the original pin.

Items needed:
Scrapbook Paper
2” circle punch

Cut (15) 2” circles
Curl and glue or tape the edges to make little cones
Position your “cones” on a 2 inch circle
Glue it all down and add a circle in the middle to hide the cone mess :)

Super fun, cute and easy!!!  BUT, I must not have had enough hot chocolate because this bow took me 45 minutes to make!!!!
Paper Bow
HERE is the original pin.  

Items Needed:
1 sheet of 12x12 card stock!

Download the PDF template from the original pin.  HERE is the link!
Cut each piece from your paper
With your loops piece, bend the edges to the center and glue down. 
Layer the loops on top of the tails and wrap the band around the center.

Evaluation:  EASY PEASY and super cute and fun for customized gift wrap!  

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