Thursday, November 14, 2013

GTU Pin of the Week... Face Editing Software!

I saw THIS PIN and couldn’t handle the curiosity!  Being almost 40, I am always looking for a way to look better :)  

I went to Camera Shy to get some Santa pictures done (you can do them at their Jordan Landing location) My son is NINE years old and has never had his picture taken with Santa.  I know, I know... what the heck?  Well, the kid is super creeped out by Santa so I have never wanted to fight the battle.  Camera Shy was awesome because they actually dressed up a friend in a suit so it wasn't SCARY at all.  Even then, Brayden was a little nervous so we snapped this first picture with me in it.  After that, I was able to get the most magical pictures of him that I just LOVED.  Check them out....  

If you want to get some as well, they are doing "mini" sessions for Santa.  It is only $29 for a quick 10 minute session but you will get a CD of all your pics or you can print them for $5 a sheet and they will edit them all cute for you!  OK, Off that tangent... I was just excited to get such fun Christmas pictures!

I like to use professional pictures because they already edit them and make them look fabulous.  But then…Camera Shy did this pin showing this awesome program that can do face edits SO EASY from home!  Since I got my pictures from them on a disk, I thought why not!  I can “cheat” a little and make myself look better, right!? I downloaded the trial and when I saw the results, I immediately downloaded the full program!  It was on sale for 50% off which was only $39.95!

Here is what I did:

1. Open the image you would like to edit. 
2. First it will ask you if you are a boy or girl (and if you are over or under 12) Easy peasy so far!
3. It will then outline your features.   You will just easily adjust the lines to outline the areas it asks you to.  Its pretty dang fun actually!
4. After that, you hit the “next” button and MAGIC happens!  You can use the sliders to adjust it to whatever you like but I just left it with what the program came up with on its own.

I know it is cheating to make yourself look younger but with just a few laser treatments I am sure I could look just like this….. right!?  

Overall, this is a GEM of a pin.  Who wouldn't give a pin that makes you look better an A+!



Unknown said...

Hi, looks like a easy software to use, so whats the name of the software?

Shyloh Belnap said...

Oops sorry Melina! I guess I should include that, right? It is portrait professional. You can google it and download it from their website :)

Unknown said...

Thanks , I got it :)