Monday, November 4, 2013

GTU Pin of the Week... DIY Leaf Bowl

When I first saw this pin, (with this beautiful picture):
picture from
I couldn’t wait to try it!  What a perfect addition to my home!  

Here is what I used:
Mod Podge
Saran Wrap
Cooking Spray
Leaves from your yard  (make sure they are not to dry so they are “bendable”.

Step 1:  Spray your bowl with cooking spray and then cover with saran wrap.  
Step 2:  I just poured a ton of mod podge right on the bowl and smeared it around (with gloves on my hands)

Step 3:  Start placing the leaves where you would like on the bowl.

Step 4:  Pour on some more mod podge, spread it around and let it dry!
Step 5:  Once totally dry, turn over your bowl and take out the saran wrap.  It works!

I am going to give this pin a thumbs up because it really does work.  I think it would make a fun kids craft.  However, when my son came in the kitchen, he saw the bowl and said “gross, what is that”.  I think I either need to plant a tree specifically for it’s pretty fall leaf value or take a trip to the canyon for some prettier colors :)

It is also very "bendy" so it would be more for looks than actual use.  I have to doubt the original pin used real leaves, and she is DEFINITELY a better crafter than me.  Look at her bowl next to mine:



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