Friday, November 22, 2013

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week... Hand Lettered Wood Spoons Hostess Gift!

 This week, I chose this fabulous pin from the Idea Room:

I thought for sure it would be beneficial to check out a “crafty” option for Thanksgiving!  I was even more excited when it was SUPER easy!

Items Needed:
5/8” Metal Stamp Set  & hammer... I got my set HERE on Amazon and it took me ONE DAY to get it with my prime membership.... yee haw!  (I paid $28 and free shipping)
Bamboo Utensils... I got mine at Walmart... a pack of 3 cost only $3.77
Fine Tip Sharpie Marker

Write the word you would like to stamp on your utensil with a pencil.  You don’t have to copy the exact font, more just write it in the same size so you can guesstimate the positioning better. I know, I know.... did you catch the word I put on one of my spoons?  I guess you can see my sense of humor.  I was thinking of words to describe how you feel on Thanksgiving Day and I just had to keep it real... I'm stinkin' hungry!  Of course, I wouldn't give a spoon with this word to a hostess for real :)
With a hammer, stamp the letters onto your utensil.  I know… this is not really the sport for all you “OCD” types who have to have things lined up perfectly.  I have convinced myself the crooked and off centered letters add “character”.
Erase your Pencil markings.
Trace the letters you stamped with the sharpie marker color of choice, tie the utensils together and proudly hand them (and maybe a dish towel or something else with it) to your hostess!

I bet you will be invited to dinner every year with an awesome gift like this!  :)

And… you won’t be broke for Christmas because all in all these spoons only cost me $3.77!  The rest of the stuff I found around my house to use.


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