Thursday, October 31, 2013

GTU Pin of the Week... Cutting Onions {Without} Tears!

Here is the pin that I thought would be fun to try this week!

I can’t stand the tears that come from slicing onions!  We get these from the gasses that are released when we are cutting the onions.  Here are just a few ideas of how this Pin suggests conquering this problem!

Sprinkle Salt on the Onion:
The theory here is that if you sprinkle some salt on the onion, the salt will soak up the gasses that are released…. relieving you of those painful tears.  We tried it and NO it did not work for us!
Hold a wooden spoon or piece of bread in your mouth:
We didn’t have a wooden spoon but I put a wooden handled spatula in my daughters mouth!  I have read 2 things… one person thought maybe it works because the wood is porous and soaks up the gasses, another said it is because it forces you to breathe through your mouth.  We also tried the bread, which was an idea I got from a friend once.  All I can say is… the result was watching Ashley cry while she cut onions with a ridiculous spoon and then bread hanging out of her mouth.  Sooo… NO this one didn’t work for us either!
Special Cutting Method:
This suggestion was to
(1) cut the ends of the onion first

(2) Cut the onion in half from end to end. 
(3) Put both halves on the cutting board face down WITH THE PEELS STILL ON.
(4) Take off the peels and then start cutting!

I think this process just helps with keeping the gasses down and away from you.  As doubtful as we were…. YES this one seemed to work for us!  We could feel the gasses a bit but they didn’t irritate us to the point of tears!

I have to say, the most effective and carefree way to avoid the tears was the goggles!  Just throw some on your eyes and cut freely.  Maybe stock up in the summer and add them to your utility drawer!  We only had these blue ones around.  My suggestion… look for some clear!  We didn’t have tears in our eyes but they were hard to see so I felt Ash was going to end up with a missing finger instead!


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