Monday, October 21, 2013

Good Things Utah...Wax Paper Transfer Tutorial

This is the pin I chose to try for the week:

It was so fun to do this banner because it was EASY!  This pinner did an excellent job with her tutorial.  I added a few embellishments just to make it more colorful.  Here is what I did:

Items Needed:
Canvas Banner (I bought mine from 7 Gypsies)
Wax Paper
Ink Jet Printer
Embellishments (I used some My Minds Eye borders)
Ribbon (I used the matching package of MME twine and some black ribbon)

  1. Type your letters in a word processing program, or I used Photoshop Elements.  I would recommend only doing 1-2 letters each time because the longer it sits, the lighter the letters end up being.  (The ink begins to dry)
  2. Securely tape a piece of wax paper on top of a piece of paper to feed through your ink jet printer.
  3. Switch your image to mirror image on your printer settings.
  4. Print the letter onto the wax paper.  Caution:  The ink will be very wet.  It doesn’t absorb into the wax and this is how the transfer works.
  5. Place the wax paper on your banner (ink side down) and smooth with your fingers.
    For this "P" I let the ink sit for a minute and it turned out REALLY light.  I had to reprint the letter and put it on top of this attempt to get it a decent shade.  So... rush that letter onto the canvas when you are done printing!
  6. Remove the wax paper and your transfer is complete!
  7. Embellish as desired.
  8. Add ribbons and tie each triangle together.  TIP:  I didn’t like how “kinky” my ribbon looked because it was in a package.  So, I just flattened it out with my flat iron for my hair!  Worked like a charm!

    This “SPOOKY” banner isn’t scary to make after all!
Cost of project:
7 Gypsies canvas banner $5
Ribbon $3
The rest of the costs are optional!  Just embellish with what is in your home!

For those of you wondering what font I used, I downloaded the FREE font Jack Lantern from HERE !


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