Thursday, October 10, 2013

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week...Subway Art Tutorial

 The pin I wanted to attempt was THIS ONE.
Photo from Check out her tutorial!

I love that people are now making their own Subway art.  I especially think it makes a great personal gift!   This pinner made a Subway art frame with an engineering print from Staples and  wood she got at Home Depot.  She was able to make a 24x36 inch frame for under $7.  I went to Home Depot, priced it out and also found the same results.  It is definitely a bargain! I think that makes this pin a total success.

BUT, since I wanted to make this little craft for Bree, (dang I am going to miss her!) and I was sure she didn’t want a 3 foot sign in her home, I went with a smaller version. I ran to the local craft store and found some wood already cut.  With a 40% off coupon it only cost $8.  I know Bree likes a little more color and chose to just print her art at Costco.  I did use the Elmer’s spray glue as suggested in the pin and LOVED it!  WAY easier than mod podge. 
 Just in case you can't read what her sign says, here it is in a more "clear" form :)  (After all, I think this is the "funnest" part of the project:
"Family is your heart. Dance is your soul. I am forever your friend." {Rox} and Look!  She even sent me this darling picture of them...
"No friendship is an accident...and you will always be in our hearts! Xoxo" {Megan}
"Bree is the type of person that is contagiously happy and makes me happy being next to her."  {Gretchen}
And I couldn't stop laughing when Nicea sent hers.  She sent me some of the things that she has loved hearing Bree say on the show.  I couldn't put them all on the sign but I had to include them here where there is more space:  "I don't know that", "I'm a baby boomer because I just had a baby", "Sometimes I fall asleep for just a second while you are talking", "Is that what you are looking for?"

Total cost of my project with the wood board I cheated on and the costco print... $9.50 PLUS it only took me about 30 minutes of my time!

Many times people ask how I can make the things I do on the computer.... PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS is the answer!  It can be an overwhelming program but once you get the hang of it, it is a lovely addition to your life :)

Try out Photoshop Elements!  You can download a free trial online.  

Here are the steps I used:
1)  Chose File>New>Chose the size of your file.
2) If you want a white background, you will just continue to step 3.  If you don’t want a white background, you would click on Layer>new fill layer and then chose your color!
3)  Click on the “T” button and then with your mouse create a text box.
4)  Chose your font and type out the word you would like.  Click on the green arrow button when you have finished typing your word.
5)  Click on the funky arrows box and this will make it so you can use your mouse to move your word as big or small as you would like it.  This is essential on Subway Art so you can customize the size of each word. 
You will repeat step 3,4 and 5 for each word you want on the image.

For my Subway art, I used the fonts Coolvetica for the big words and Geo Sans Light for the smaller words.  I got both fonts for free from


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