Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week....DIY Family Photo Shoot

I thought it would be SO fun to do a family photo shoot with a timer just as this pin mentioned.  Here was my first picture attempt... 

It was a cloudy day, and I think I could have worked with the lighting, but I especially think that manning the camera, myself and my family was a bit of a challenge!  
I was finally able to make it to the camera and this was my result...

It is ROUGH to get a whole family to not squint and to keep hair from flying all over when you are running the camera.  It is a bit of chaos to be honest!  The auto setting that I had to use did not focus on the family making my background look the same as us.  I liked having us be more the focus of the picture.

It took me hours to coordinate clothes, do hair, get everyone to actually like each other find a good location.  It was very hard to get my family to remain patient, I couldn’t imagine if I had children at all younger than mine!  I was not about to let all that go to waste.  SO... I called CAMERA SHY to the rescue!  They took one look at my camera and pointed out this lovely additional flaw.  I will call it “Mr. Hands Syndrome”.
Dang it was worth it to have a pro take our pictures!  Check out what they did in the exact same spot...

While we were there, they retook another picture I had...
When you are taking a photo, don't do it to close to the subject.  This will distort the image making everything appear wider.  Also, make sure to check the angle you are standing.  Somehow I made Kayla's look super short and squatty!

Oh, and by the way.... Camera Shy DID NOT pay me to write this blog post :)   They really did do my family photos (you should see all 90 they took outdoors for only $129!  I got the CD to so I can print them wherever I want.)  I have always used them for indoor photo sessions (those sessions are only $89) and had no idea they did outdoor sessions until now!  Phew am I glad because we needed some help for sure :)


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