Monday, September 30, 2013

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week... Waterfall Braid Tutorial!

This is the pin I wanted to feature this week!
Picture taken from Pin link above
 The MOST frustrating thing about Pinterest is that when you click on a fabulous “how to” hoping to get a great tutorial, you end up on a weird website that doesn’t do that at all!  (Which was the case with this fabulous pin).  

I thought I would just attempt to still accomplish this hair style.  If the person in the picture can do it, maybe I could without a tutorial :)

Here is my attempt:

I think I was on to something but where I was REALLY lost is what to do with the END of the hair:
{I know, it kinda makes you giggle doesn't it}
This look is obviously not meant to be seen in public.  So, in a panic I decided to ask a pro!  I asked my good friend Aubrie Mooso from pro Do Blow Dry Bar to help me with this cute hair style and she so kindly helped me create this tutorial that will help all of us confused waterfall braiders!

Aubrie is PRO at wedding hair and well, hair in general so I knew she would save me from humiliation :)  
 Curl your hair FIRST!  (I always thought you curled it after!)
 Tease the crown of your hair.
 Do a diagonal part from my natural part to my ear.
Section into 3 strands.
For the first few strands you will do a regular french braid.... Put the bottom strand over the middle, top strand over the middle, grab some hair and put the bottom over the middle, grab some hair and put the top over the middle and then....
Then, this is where it gets a little funky!  DROP the top strand of hair (with the new hair) and PICK UP a new piece of bottom hair as the bottom strand to cross over the middle.  REPEAT (pick up some hair with your top piece and DROP it in the middle then pick up a new piece of hair for the bottom strand).
I didn't suddenly turn blonde (ok, maybe I have always been blonde figuratively!)  I borrowed another head at the Salon because I feel like this part was easier to see on blonde hair, thanks Pam!
End your braid and bobby pin when it is just almost to the other side of your head. 
Then, pick up a piece of hair and braid it loosely and attach it so it looks like one continuous line.  Bobby pin in place.

It is so much easier than I make it sound... really!  I will post the segment as soon as it is available and it will make it MUCH easier to understand (I hope!)


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