Thursday, September 12, 2013

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week.... Picture Frame Accent Table

Do you love my grass?  I am taking advantage of the summer as long as I can :)

This is the pin I chose for this week!

This pin is so fun to make, but the actual pin itself cracks me up.  Go check it out.  It is an instruction from Jo-Ann’s.  At step 9 the instructions completely change to something it is telling you to bind off and weave!  Then at the bottom it tells you the size your throw should be.  Uhhh....

So, I did a little adjusting to their process.  Here is what I did (no weaving involved)...

Items Needed:
Large Picture frame
Cork Board
Martha Stewart Craft Paint:  Gray Wolf, Porcelain Doll, Wedding Cake, Linen
Sand Paper
White candle
21” Table Legs

Top Plate to attach legs


Attach the Top plate to the frame for the legs.  Now I feel I should be a bit honest here.  I didn't do this step myself.  My dear Dad did it for me.  He is just way nice like that :)

Paint the table legs and frame with a coat of the Gray Wolf Paint.  Let Dry
Rub the candle onto all areas of the frame and legs where you would like it to look distressed.  I must add that I LOVE this step!  I can't believe all these years I would sand my fingers off to get the distressed look.  With just a rub of this candle your paint will slide right off these areas when you go to distress your project!
Paint 2 coats of the Porcelain doll, Wedding Cake and Linen all mixed together.  Let dry completely.  I also want to note that while I felt super official blending these 3 colors, I am not sure why you don't just pick a white you like and stick with it.  The disadvantage of blending is if you run out of paint you won't get the exact same shade again!  I am really thinking this was just a way for them to up sell more paint :)  Being obedient, I did it anyway and this was plenty of paint for the project. 
Just showing the distressing a little closer!
Sand the entire table.

Add cork board into the frame and secure with L-brackets.  It's like a giant coaster! 


I believe this project took me about 3 hours total to do... Not bad.  

The cost is questionable...
Picture Frame $26 (but do you have an old one laying around you could use!)
Cork Board (11x14) $6
21” Table Legs $8 each (total $32)
Top plate to attach legs $3 each ($12 total)
Craft Paint $12
The rest you can probably find around your house....
Total cost is $88.00   YIKES!

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