Monday, September 23, 2013

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week... Creative Automotive Cleaning Ideas!

Cleaning your headlights:

All you need is some TOOTHPASTE and a CLEAN RAG and you will have clean headlights!  

Spread that toothpaste around and then start scrubbing!  Repeat if you don't get enough clarity with your first try :) The foggier your headlights are (the car in this pin had much foggier headlights) the better your visual result will be.
 I took a before picture but my headlights were not foggy enough to show a huge difference.  I can show you the after picture, and you can tell they are WAY shiny!

Cleaning my Dashboard and door:

and used olive oil to clean my dashboard.  WOW!  It did not take much more than a dab on my cloth and I was able to clean the whole door!  I loved this suggestion because this a very non toxic all natural.

My one suggestion would be to make sure you use the oil SPARINGLY.  You don't want to end up having a coat of oil for bugs and dust to get attracted to.  

Cooking Spray!
This pin had great suggestions for cleaning the car!
Next time you clean your car you can spray cooking spray on the clean wheels and you will have a MUCH easier time removing the black residue from your tires again.  
Another awesome trick is to use cooking spray to remove bugs from your car and grill.  Just spray on and wipe off, so easy!  The layer of oil helps to remove the original bugs and can also help removing bugs be so much easier next time!
All I did was spray on glue and QUICKLY wipe it off with a rag.  So many bugs gone!
And the favorite pin that I found...

Using Newspaper to clean your windows
This pin is my FAVORITE!  I was so excited I cleaned ALL my windows...
It's hard to tell but this window is FILTHY!
Car windows can get dirty and even though there are MANY ways to get windows clean, I find that the lint from paper towels often leave a residue on the window.  I just splashed a little water on the window and look how awesome simply wiping them down with newspaper looks.

When I cleaned my window with newspaper it was streak free and cleaned FAST!  I love the idea that you can grab a few newspapers, run your car through the car wash and quickly dry your windows leaving them super clean without the chemicals!



Jennifer F said...

Love these ideas! Thanks for testing them out!

Shyloh Belnap said...

Thanks Jennifer F! I appreciate the comment :) Have an awesome day :)