Monday, August 26, 2013

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week.... A Hybrid Manicure

I knew this would happen, and I hate to bear the bad news… but I think I found our first Pinterest fail!

I chose to play with  THIS PIN this week!  My brother is getting married this week and wanted to look extra glamorous :)

I was looking forward to having beautiful nails to show.  However, I think I am going to have to declare this my first:
This simple process states that you should follow these instructions and your nails will look like this:
Image from
1.  Paint your nail a light color
2.  Dip your finger in alcohol
3.  Place a laser copy print on your nails and press for 30 seconds
4.  Apply a top coat.

I did all that I could try to get this work and it is still a mystery how those who commented that it worked for them got it to do anything!  I think this woman is a MIRACLE worker getting her nails to look like that.  Much respect if she could do it but I followed her instructions EXACTLY and ended up with this:
Determined to give it my all, I read through the comments and picked up on all these ideas and tried them as well:

1.  I soaked the paper in the alcohol and my finger and pressed down HARD to make sure it could transfer.... that is how I got the finger on the left to work.
2.  I left the paper sitting there for several MINUTES (not seconds) just hoping that could be the trick!
3.  I went to the UPS Store and got a laser copy per the instructions and it did not work.  I tried an ink jet print and that of course did not work.  I even tried newspaper and that DID not work.
4.  I tried it when the nail polish was wet to see if it would stick better …. nope!  I also tried it when it was dry…. didn't work then either! 

After an hour of trying I gave up.  I didn't think anyone would want to spend that kind of time working on their nails haha.  I think I am going to have to just head over to my favorite nail lady Jada in Draper and have her fix my mess :)

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