Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Good Things Utah pin of the week {Crate Seats}

This is the pin  I worked on this week.  My daughter just loved these darling crate seats.  She wanted one in her room so she was excited I was willing to make one for her!

I did everything on her blog exactly as she did and have to admit they were WAY easy to assemble.

Items needed:
File Crate
1/4 yard of Fabric
Foam Mattress Pad

(1)  I got the Plywood cut at Home Depot.  They will cut it there for free!  To determine the size, I measured the INSIDE of the crate and then rounded the edges with a knife.  (Well actually, I was able to talk to guy at Home Depot into doing it with his pocket knife!)
(2) Cut the foam mattress pad to be the same size as the wood.
(3) Cut the Fabric to be about 2” all the way around and glue using a glue gun.

I stuck the board in the top of the seat because gluing it to the bottom (which is what the pin states to do) seemed like a waste of space!  I figured we could put books inside the crate or something useful like that!

My opinion:
This is an EASY craft to do and I am ALL about easy.  It only took me about 30 minutes to actually make the project after I bought all the supplies.  BUT I just have a hard time wondering if it is worth the money to have such a homemade looking project!

The cost breaks down as:
File Crate:  $4
1/4 Fabric Yard:  $3 at Joanne’s (but you could make 2 with this)
Foam Mattress Pad:  $12 (but you could make 10 with a twin mattress)
Plywood 2x4:  $7 (but you could make 3 with this size of a board)

So... if you are making one of these, you will end up spending $26, if you are making at least 3 of them, they would cost an average of $12.33.
 I can't help but compare that to this darling seat I saw in Target (while buying the file crate).  It opens up so you can put books, prizes, a pet turtle, whatever you would like just like the crate seat!

...You chose what works best for you but as for this pin, it was a success!


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