Sunday, July 7, 2013

Liquitex Metal Picture Transfer and Elmer's glue wood art

Today on Good Things Utah, I am going to be demonstrating this magnetic picture frame stand to show 2 fun techniques I learned!

Items needed:
Picture (I used one taken at Camera Shy)  Oh, BY THE WAY!  They are opening a NEW location in West Jordan so they will now be in West Jordan AND in Lehi!  Sooo excited to see the new set up there!
Metal picture holder with wood base (found at Wood Connection)
Liquitex gel medium (found on Amazon)
Elmers Glue

Metal Picture transfer:
 PHOTOCOPY your picture.  I just printed a picture I had taken of my kids at Camera Shy (LOVE that I can just print pictures for my crafts because they give me the CD) and took it to the copy store.  YOU HAVE TO USE A LASER COPY!  I tried ink jet, it does NOT work :(  Print your picture backwards because it will be backwards on the metal when transferred.
I read a TON of ways to make this next step work and here is what I found worked for me.  Brush a coat of the Liquitex on your picture and on the metal.  Let it dry COMPLETELY.  Then, add another layer of Liquitex to your picture.  Let it dry completely again!  Lastly, apply another layer of Liquitex and then put the picture on the metal, make sure there are no air bubbles and let it dry overnight.
Next morning, get your metal wet and remove paper.  I put it in a cookie sheet with water.   MAKE SURE YOU USED REGULAR PAPER! 

Wood base:

 Draw the design you would like to have on the wood with a pencil

 Using Elmers glue, carefully trace the drawing, allow to dry completely.  I actually did 2 coats.

Paint the wood the color of your choice.

You can leave it with just the subtle design or you can water down some brown paint so it fills in the gaps and accents your design!


Katherines Corner said...

This is a fun idea. I enjoyed watching you on Good Things Utah this morning. Hugs

Katherines Corner said...

P.S. I invite you to share this project at my Blog hop on Thursday

Anonymous said...

thank u blogger