Sunday, June 2, 2013

Good Things Utah... Father's Day Tie Rack

I loved doing this craft because we were able to just play over at Camera Shy!  These pics were fun to take and this craft was super simple (yet thoughtful) to make!

Items Needed:

*Pictures of your kids holding white Canvas boards.  I got mine from Michael's Crafts in a 5 pack for only $15 and used a 50% off coupon!
*Wood Board & pegs- I got my wood board and pegs from the Wood Connection.  I also thought it would be easy and fun to use a regular board and then hammer fun nails into it for a more rustic look.  But, my husband wasn’t home to do it for me so I just went the easy route and paid for it (heehee)
*Paint of any color
*Mod Podge
*Photo Texturing cream


Have your kids hold white boards up in a series of pictures.  Here are mine before I added the letters:

I used Photoshop elements to simply add these words to the pictures:  “Dad’s love TIES us together”.  This is why I love that Camera Shy gives me a disk.  If you are extra awesome, you can make the poster boards ahead of time and snap pictures of your kids holding the pictures.  I was just to lazy to do that!

Paint your board and pegs any color you would like.  I like to sand the edges to add a little distressing.
Mod podge the picture to the top of the board.
Add a layer of photo cream with a foam roller to add a fun “canvas” texture to the picture.  (optional)  Notice how it is a milky white color.  No worries!  Leave it be... it will dry clear!

And just to brag, here are some pics Camera Shy took while we were there that I absolutely loved!

 **All opinions are my own, I am not sponsored by Camera Shy or any other business mentioned in this blog post. 

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