Monday, March 18, 2013

Good Things Utah Easter Crafts!

My kids saw that Camera Shy {in Lehi} had bunnies and BEGGED me to take them there!  I wondered what the heck I would do with pictures of my kids holding bunnies and quickly realized there is SO MUCH that can be done with these cute furry friends!  I have loved the personal touch of adding pictures of my kids all around the house with an Easter theme.  These decorations are much more fun to look at, and since Camera Shy gives me the CD, it is easy to get creative!

OK, not to bore you, but humor me here for just a second while I gush over some of my favorites...
I love how Camera Shy will take time to make things personal.   They changed this lemonade stand into a "Brother 4 Sale" stand... so perfect for our personalities!
Is she really turning 16 in a few weeks?
Love the pallet wall... one of my favorites!
It took me several days to convince my kids they didn't need to take a bunny home!
Now on to the instructions...
I thought I would make this in a neutral color so that I can keep it on my mantle, but change the picture with each holiday! 

Items Needed:
Paper Mache {L}, {V}, {E} (I purchased mine at JoAnne’s Fabrics)
Grey Paint
White Paint
sponge brush
mod podge
vinyl (optional)
sand paper
scallop frame of your choice (mine is from PoppySeed Projects)

Paint the {L}, {V} and {E} the color of your choice.
Paint the lighter color paint on the Frame (You may need 2 coats)
Place the vinyl on your frame and paint the frame the darker color.  Wait about 6 hours for it to dry.
This picture is before the sanding!
Take off the vinyl and lightly sand your frame.  The distressed look is so fun!
I love when I sand the edges, that the distressing brings back out the white bottom layer.

Surprise!  This is the best craft of all!  You just have to copy my printables, fill some eggs and play Easter Bunny for your friends!

Hide a dozen or so eggs in a neighbors front yard, place this sign on your doorstep and run!
You will also want to give them this sign for their door so they don't get hit twice!

Printable created using Hello Spring digital scrapbook kit 
by Lyndsay Riches and Meredith Cardall, with permission from both designers.  

My kids ask me to do this every year!  They LOVE it.  We use Glow in the dark tape (I found mine on here) and just place it around the eggs, hide them in the theater room and let them go for it!  With money inside, I promise your teenagers won’t feel to old for this one!

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TINA said...

LOVE your kids' pictures! Thanks so much for all the ideas! My favorite is the glow-in-the-dark egg hunt. Totally doing that... If it's ever warm enough...