Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Coming up on Good Things Utah...{Snowman Making Kit}

With all the new snow, now is a great time to make a fabulous Snowman kit!!

Here are the simple instructions!

Felt Hat Items Needed:
Black Felt (about 1/2 yard will be more than enough)
Any fabric flower (I used one from Basic Grey available on our website)


Cut felt into a 10.5” circle, cut a 6.75” circle in the center of the hat.  

HINT:  To get the circle in the middle, cut a 6.75" circle stencil, fold it in half then fold the felt in half and cut the circle...
Cut an 6.5” circle for the top of the hat.
Cut a rectangle to be 6” wide and 20” long.  Fold it in half and sew a .25” seam on the edge to make into a cylinder.
With the cylinder still wrong side out, pin the 6.5” circle and sew it to the top of the hat.
Turn the hat right side out.

Pin then sew the hat to the inside circle on the brim of the hat.
Attach the flower if desired.
 Carrot items needed:
Orange Felt
Dowel (I got a dowel from the wood craft aisle at Joannes and it was already 12” long)
Green Ribbon Piece

Directions:Fold the carrot into a triangle the shape you like and pin then cut.
Sew along the bottom of the triangle as close to the bottom as possible.
Put a small amount of batting into the tip of your carrot and then stuff it in with the dowel.
Add more stuffing around the dowel until your carrot is nice and full.
Use a green ribbon to tie the edge of the carrot around the dowel.
Scarf items needed:
6” Strip of Fleece

Most fleece comes long enough that you may just need to touch up the cutting job from the fabric store if you only bought 6”. 
Cut the edges of the scarf to add “fringe”

I found rocks in my back yard and just painted them black!

I used 2 big black buttons for the eyes and some red buttons to put on the body!

Have so much fun in the snow!!!

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