Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good Things Utah Crafty Christmas Tips! And...Awesome give aways!

 Christmas is coming soon and I thought it would be fun to share a few fun ideas to make Christmas gift giving this year more personal! 
Maze Gift Card Holder
Items needed:
Maze Gift Card holder (Amazon)
Scrap Christmas Paper
Rhinestone Star
Circle Paper Punch (mine is a 2 inch)

I love to receive gift cards but I worry that the gift itself is not personal enough.  I love this maze gift card holder because if you give it to a child it still gives them something to play with!  And, to add a personal touch, I put a simple handmade band around it.  To make this...

Cut a strip of paper about 1.5” thick and wrap around the gift.
Cut (3) 2 inch circles and wrinkle them up.  Glue them by the center on the strip and add a cute rhinestone star.
Toilet Paper Gift Certificate Wrap
Items needed:
Toilet Paper Roll
Christmas Decorative Paper

I like to give gift certificates for the same reason I like to give gift cards!  This cute wrapping makes it look like you spent just a little time adding that personal touch to the gift.  This wrapping is easy, just wrap the paper around the roll and place the gift certificate inside so it doesn’t get wrinkled. 

In this toilet paper roll, I put a gift certificate to proDo, a new blow dry bar in Draper and they agreed to donate a gift certificate to a viewer. To be entered to win, LIKE their Facebook page then comment here that you have done so!  If you share their page, comment here again and you will get 2 entries! We will draw a winner on Friday, December 14th
Neighbor Gift Wrapping Tips
Items needed:
Bumper Blanket (available at
Tag (available at Office Depot)
Your Christmas Card (our photo was taken at Camera Shy in Lehi, UT)

I love to give neighbor gifts of things that I love.  This Bumper Blanket is fun because it is creative and the company is from here in Utah!  I used a tag I got from Office Depot that was very inexpensive and added the fun phrase “Neighbor, we love “bumping” into you!”  I can’t help myself, tacky neighbor gift tags are to much fun at Christmas!  I also used my family Christmas Card as a Tag for the gift so our neighbors know who it is from!  I love using Camera Shy for pictures because they give you the picture CD with your sitting so I can insert professional photos versus the terrible pictures I take here at home!  

We also have a contest for a Bumper Blanket on the blog post right before this one!  Check it out HERE!  The winner for this contest will also be drawn on Friday, December 14th.
Santa Hand Sanitizer
Items needed:
Hand Sanitizer (I got mine from All a Dollar)
Black, Red and White Cardstock
Silver glitter
2 black medium rhinestones

Such a fun idea that you can do with small hand sanitizers or a larger bottle for teachers, who never have enough!  This was an idea on saw online HERE.  But here is how I made mine:

Cut a red strip of cardstock and wrap around the bottle. 
Cut the white strip and use an edge punch or scallop scissors to cut the edges of the paper.
Attach the rhinestones and strip of black paper as shown.
Cut a square and make the buckle silver with glitter
Washer Tree Ornament
Items needed:
Washers (pick 2 sizes, I got them from Home Depot) The large washer is a 2" circle
Christmas Paper Scraps
Matching Ribbon

Easy peasy!  I just traced the washers and cut them to fit the washers.  Then I hand wrote 2012 on the ornament.  This is a great idea for kids to do at their Christmas Parties!

Snowman Candy Bar
Items needed:
Candy Bar
Infant Socks (I got a 3 pack for $1 at Dollar Tree!)
Black rhinestones
Orange cardstock
Yellow thin ribbon

Cut a white piece of card stock the length of your candy bar and wrap around the candy bar!

Put the sock on the top of the candy bar, tie a ribbon around he top of the sock and then cut the sock off.
Cut a strip from a matching sock to use as a scarf
Cut a triangle for the nose with orange card stock
Add medium black rhinestones for the eyes and "buttons"
Add small rhinestones for the mouth. I use a strip of rhinestones to make it easy to form! 


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