Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Good Things Utah Back to School Sanity!!!

Anyone else going crazy getting kids back to school?I think the hardest thing for me is getting back into a ROUTINE!  With this in mind, I created some fun quick and inexpensive crafts to keep us Mom's sane :)
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Now on to the fun stuff...

No more car wars!
First, I must mention that I got my kids' pictures done at Camera Shy in Lehi, UT.  HOLY Cow!  They make my kids LOVE getting their pictures done which is great for me as a Mom :)  When I talk about staying sane, picture taking there is what I do!  Plus, I get the disk of pictures so I can use them for all my projects!  (And... for real, they don't pay me to say this, don't even know I did!)  Now off that tangent...

This is a simple and quick solution to all of your “front seat” car wars!  Make a luggage tag with a cute picture on it of each of your kids, hang it with a temporary hook in your passenger seat.  Once your child has their turn, they will move their card to the back of the line!

Items Needed:
Plastic Luggage Tags (available on our website)
Misc. Scrap double sided cardstock paper
Decorative Brads
(I used the Echo Park Summertime Paper line)
2x3 pictures of your kids
1. Decorate each luggage tag however you would like!  I like to mount my pictures and put them inside the luggage tag and then add my stickers and brads to the outside of the luggage tags for some fun dimension!

Chore clipboard
This clipboard is awesome to use.  Your child can mark off the items once they are completed.  If all items are completed, you can attach $1 to the clipboard for the day!

Items Needed:
2-3 pieces of double sided cardstock (I used Echo Park Paper Summertime)
1 print out
Decorative Brads (optional)
Dry Erase vinyl (available on our website)
Matching ribbon
1 1/4” Circle punch
Spray adhesive
Mod podge

Print out the chores that should be done on your printer at home!  Here is a jpg you can download here.  Just click on it so it is larger, then right click and save on your PC or drag to your desktop in an apple!)

Use spray adhesive to place all papers on the clipboard as you see it on the picture.  
I cut a scallop from a decorative paper to use on the bottom but you can design this however you would like.
For added protection, you can mod podge the clipboard at this point.
Cut a pinwheel from a square piece of paper (mine is a 3.5” square), adhere with a decorative brad and use spray adhesive to attach to clipboard.  You can see directions on how to make a pinwheel here
 I used a 1 1/4” circle punch to punch the Dry Erase Vinyl and added it to the clipboard.  Hint:  Cut the vinyl with the paper back still on, it is hard to punch the vinyl without it!
For accent, I outlined much of the paper with a black micro tip pen.  Attach ribbon for decoration.  You can use the hole on the back of the clipboard to hang!

Lost Grocery lists are the thing of the past!
I love this easy little craft. It’s super cute and EASY to make!

Items Needed: 
3” wide piece of wood (I bought a 2 pack for $3 @ hobby lobby)
packing tape
ribbon glue dot strips
Chipboard Frame
strip of designer paper
Spray adhesive
Receipt Paper roll (Office Depot..$4,49 for 3 rolls!)

Cut designer paper of your choice 2.75”x8.75”, ink the edges if desired and adhere to wood with spray adhesive

Tie ribbon around the top of the wood and put bow on the side so it is easy to “refill”.  I put packing tape on the back so the ribbon would stay in place.
Cut a 3” edge off the chipboard piece, trace a paper to the size of this piece and adhere with spray adhesive. 
Use ribbon (thin line) glue dots to adhere to the front of your note block.  Thread paper underneath so it will stay in place!
Fun alternative to leaving notes in your child’s lunchbox!
Leaving notes in your child’s lunchbox is a fun tradition I know many Mom’s love.  Writing on their napkin, printing cute things off the internet, writing on their baggies are just a few ideas.  I like the idea of using this awesome DRY ERASE VINYL\.  You will want to use spray adhesive to make it a more permanent adhesive :)

If you chose to print some of the awesome printables out there, you can use a fun tin box as a magnet board.  AND, did you know you can write on this with a dry erase board to!?  Your kids will look forward to a little dose of you at lunchtime!  Here are some links to fun lunchbox printables:

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Awesome tutorial! I linked to it on my blog, along with a great source for receipt rolls ( on my blog - BadCat Quilts What an awesome way to use this paper resource!