Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A "Family Twist" on family games!

I took some fun family games and changed them just a little so they could be more about the people we love the most...our family!  These games are fun and EASY to make!
Items Needed:
Fun Pictures (Laminated if you chose)
I laminated with 3M lamination pockets
Apply velcro to the ribbon and the pictures.  
Each player will chose a picture without looking at it.  They will tie the ribbon around their head like a headband, and velcro the picture to the front.  They will have to guess who is on the front of their headband.
Pictures used for this game were taken by Camera Shy in Lehi.  I just LOVE their studio and you could use their props to do lots of different fun pictures to use for this game.  Like their Facebook page, they have darling pictures and fun photo contests on there quite a bit!
Items Needed:
.75” craft blocks (at any local scrapbook store)
pictures of 6 people, 5 copies of each
Score sheet (I programmed mine on excel and then had it copied at a copy shop).
Mod Podge your family pictures on the blocks.  Copy the score sheet (using mine as a template).  

Family “Memories”
Items Needed:
2 copies of wallet sized pictures
3x3 chipboard or I used wood found at the craft store
mod podge
circle punch
6x6 pad of your favorite scrapbook paper.
Mod Podge your picture to the front of the wood or chipboard pieces.  Print out the game title you can do on your own or use mine from my blog.  Mod podge the rest together as you see it in the picture!
Play this like a regular Memory game.  This game is fun because it is a classic game for smaller (and adult) children but it would feature fun memories for you to reminisce on together!



Susan said...

I found you on Pinterest and so glad. I found other games! Last year we found a family Yahtzee and unfortunately I waited too long and the link is gone-I loved that idea, but was unsure about the scorecard and how big I needed the blocks to be for the game.

I appreciate the version that you have posted and we are almost ready to send them off to my grown children in other states. I just needed to come back for the score sheet. I couldn't leave w/o letting you know how grateful I am and telling you thank you. You have a great blog.

Shyloh Belnap said...

How kind of you! Thanks for the comment! I love "little paydays"!