Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Bunny Lunch Bag Treat Bag

This fun treat bag is is fun and cost effective to assemble.  The "bunny head" is a fun card you can pull out and use to write a note!

Items Needed:
1 piece of 12x12 cream colored card stock
1 piece of designer card stock paper (you might use 2, I used 1 because the blue dots are on one side and the hat design is on the opposite side)
1 piece of pink card stock
black pen
brown ink
1 flower
1 rhinestone
1 lunch bag
1.  Fold the bottom of the bag up and use a strong adhesive on the edges.
2.  Cut your papers to be a 4x5 square (for the pot), 6x5 square (for the card backing), 1.50x4.25 inch square (for the top of the pot)
3.  Cut all pieces of the bunny from the template on my blog (I will add it soon)
4.  For the 4x5 square, mark the sides of the square .5 inch on each side.  Use the paper trimmer (as demonstrated on the Good Things Utah Segment) to cut the sides.
5.  Ink the edges of all the papers with brown chalk and a sponge dabber (if desired)
6.  Glue the pieces to the page and add the flower as shown.   For the nose, I cut a regular old fashioned heart and I did use Foam dots behind the top of the pot to add dimension.

Enjoy your fun treat bag!

Happy Easter!

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