Monday, December 5, 2011

We just Added 3 new layouts!



Michelef4 said...

Love them!

beck4boys said...

I downloaded the 12 days of Christmas from your "My LDS Life" blog & noticed there are only 10 cards. Since you hadn't written anything on that blog lately, I thought I'd try you here. Are there 2 more cards? Thanks & Merry Christmas!
Rebecca Jacobs
Franklin 1st Ward
Franklin, TN

Shyloh Belnap said...

Thank you beck4boys! I know there are only 10, and my computer crashed so I can't even remember the other 2 that I did! I am sorry! I do need to catch up on that blog... so crazy busy... the life of a yw president :)

beck4boys said...

No worries...I can make up 2 cards. I'm sure they won't be as fabulous as yours, though! :) You're right...YW is crazy busy...thanks for sharing your talents!