Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Coming up Today on Good Things Utah...Cute & Clever Neighbor Gifts

 Did you procrastinate to long to get gifts out to your neighbors? These simple ideas are quick and clever. Best of all, I made the tags for you so you can just print them right off of my blog!  To save a copy of the tag for yourself... PC users click on the original sized (gigantic) tag.  It will pull up in a separate window.  Now right click and do a "save as" and save the tag to your computer.  For Mac users, you can click on the tag so it opens in a separate window and then drag it to your desktop!

Pizza... Head to the store and grab a premade pizza. Deliver it with this fun poem I wrote and you have an awesome gift! Here is the poem:

“Twas the month of December and all through the State
Our families were busy with much on their plates.

There was shopping and wrapping and cards to be sent.
It seems you work hard but can’t make a dent.

We think you’re the greatest, your friendship means much,
We love you as a neighbor, we love you a whole bunch.

Through all of the hustle and bustle we know you are busy
We hope this will help to make your dinner tonight easy!

Batteries... Everyone needs batteries! I can't even count how many times I have had to run to 7-11 on Christmas Eve to buy some! Buy a package from costco in bulk then tie this poem to your gift...
'Twas the night before Christmas and Santa was worried, he had an emergency, boy was he flurried. The power was off, and his flashlight was dead. He didn't buy batteries when Mrs. claus said. We don't want you in a similar plight, so we give you "batteries" to lighten your night!
Wrapping paper and bows... Hope your season is wrapped in happiness! If you think ahead, you could buy your paper on the Christmas clearance sales the year before!

Christmas caroling... This is a great poem to give with a simple candy cane or even a tea light candle for each caroler to carry. What a great tradition to do as a neighborhood instead of spending the money on small gifts. You could make cards for people to take that says "I donated on your behalf to _________" to put in their cards.

Instead of giving neighborhood gifts,
Together a family's heart we will lift,
Use that money to fill your shopping cart
With toys and food, a gift from the heart.
One family will start the caroling tradition
Singing while on a neighborhood mission.
We'll arrive on your doorstep singing a song,
Grab your family and join in, you'll come right along.
But before stepping out and starting to sing
Don't forget your charitable donation to bring.
To the next door we'll carol and add to out crowd
We'll add and we'll add 'til we're incredibly loud.
Finally we'll stop for a neighborhood treat
At the ____________ home we will mingle and greet.

Although our fingers and toes may be freezin'
We will capture the true spirit of this special season.
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Reindeer food.... You can put granola, oatmeal or any treat in a bag. Add some glitter so it will shimmer in the moonlight... Kids can sprinkle it on their lawn on Christmas Eve. Use a cute mason jar and add your favorite paper to the lid. Glue some fun matching trim to the lid with a glue gun. The tag reads:
Sprinkle this reindeer food outside tonight,
The moonlight will make it sparkle bright.
As the reindeer fly and roam,
This will guide them to your home.
Soap... I spray painted a regular hand soap black and then applied a rhinestone swirl and some ribbon. What a fun way to fancy up a dollar store gift!

 For this soap, I printed on a transparency (you could print whatever you would like) and then put it in the soap bottle. Make sure to put the transparency towards the front of the bottle so the pump doesn’t block your view! You could also add some fun glitter to the soap if you would like. I think it is fun to use this fun homemade button brad to add a personal touch to your project.
We "wash" you a Merry Christmas,
We "wash" you a Merry Christmas,
We "wash" you a Merry Christmas,
And a happy New Year!

All digital artwork was designed by Fayette at head over there and show her some love :)


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