Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Featured on Good Things Utah... Muffin Tin Advent Calendar :)

12 days of Christmas Advent Calendar

Items Needed:
-Muffin Tin (I bought mine from Walmart)
-1 pkg Letter Stickers (I used American Crafts Daydream Foam Thickers #43062)
-1 pkg My Minds Eye 12 Days of Christmas Chipboard Elements 12D101..available on our website
-12x12 Double Sided Cardstock (I used My Minds Eye 12 Days of Christmas “Tinsel” 12D118, “All the Trimmings”12D111, “Joy” 12D114, “Merry & Bright” 12D115, “Peppermint Patty” 12D116)... all available on our website
-Black Ink Pad
-Black String (available on our website)
-Rhinestone Stars (available on our website)
-Sheet Magnets

Cut 12 papers to be 3.25” x 3.25” (I used “Tinsel”, “All the Trimmings”, “Joy”, “Merry & Bright”)
Cut 12 papers to be 2.75” x 2.75” (I used the red “Peppermint Patty” for these)
I LIGHTLY inked the edges of the papers with Black ink.
Assemble each square as it is shown in the pictures. Here are just a few hints:
I used a black pen to trace around each shape just to add dimension.
 #1 and #2 used one chipboard shape. I used a heavy duty paper trimmer to cut the shape in half. You could easily trace where you want to cut it on the back and use scissors.
 #3 and #7 used a little black string as the “hook” on the ornament.
#4 and #12 used a cute rhinestone star for the tree.
#5 and #8 also has a split chipboard shape (same as #1 and #2) and I also put a rhinestone star on each tree.
#10 and #11 also have the split chipboard

You will want to round the edges of #1, #3, #10 and #12 if your muffin tin is rounded like mine. I did one corner and then used it as a stencil for each of the other corners. This helped to make it symmetrical.
I had to use some letters to recreate some of the 1’s on the calendar. It was easy, I just cut them!
Attach magnets to the back of every edge of the squares so it will stick to the muffin tin.

If you want to reuse the muffin tin, you can attach the “Merry & Bright” label with a magnet. If you want it permanent, you can use a hot glue gun to attach it.


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Ideas of how you can use your advent calendar:

1) Fold up some of your favorite Christmas Stories and put it in each square to read with your family each night.  I have another blog and HERE IS A POST with some Christmas Story printouts.
2) Put some of your favorite Christmas Songs and Book titles in each square.   Before bed, you could sing a song or read a favorite Christmas Book as a family.
3) Put a candy in each square
4) Put small gifts in each square
5) Chose favorite Christmas activities you could do each night to put in each square.
6) Put small ornaments in each square that you could hang on the tree each night.


jennthegreat said...

Love these!! You are so talented!

Susan Catmull said...

Wow, Shyloh you out did yourself this time. Love this one. You were great on the show too.

Brenda said...

I checked out your other blog that had the 12 stories on it and I love it! But there are only 10. Do you still have the other two? And if you do, could I get a copy?

Unknown said...

So cute! I would LOVE to win! I commented on the photo on your facebook page!

I love all of your ideas!!!

Knottymoose said...

Love this idea! I want to make one for my Mom.

Gina said...

Seriously so cute! I love it and my kids would, too.

Linh C. said...

Love this type of advent calendar!

Knottymoose said...

Shyloh!!! Thank you so much for making this and then offering to give it away! I am so excited to receive it! It's a little late for me to use it for the 12 Days of Christmas... but for our Family Christmas party I am going to let all the kids pick a number and then they can each see what they get under their number. I plan on this being a family tradition!

Thank you again!