Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Today on Good Things Utah! Chalkboard/Magnet Board Door Hanging

No more sticky notes!  Now you can use this fun magnet board/chalk board for messages to your special guests!
Items I used:
Mod Podge - Outdoor
Teresa Collins Mr. and Mrs. Collection Kit (on SALE on our website)
Magnet Board (mine is 12x12 and from the Wood Connection)
Handle (bought at Wood Connection)
Teresa Collins Blingage Crowns
Maya Road Pins
Zva Creative Black Rhinestone Swirl (CRS-02CB-102)
Bazzill Black Organdy Flower
Black Distressing Ink
Chalkboard paint

1.      Spray your magnet board with the chalkboard paint. I use canned chalkboard paint, it eliminates “brush” stroke marks.
   I   Cut the paper into 3” wide strips of paper.
        Lay them out all around your frame so you can figure out the spacing and pattern!

4.       Rip the edge of the paper and ink in black to “distress” the look.  (Did you know if you rip one way you  will get a white edge, if you rip the other direction, your edge will be the same color as the paper!?)

5.       Mod Podge the top of the paper with Outdoor mod podge

6.       Using the ribbon, tie the handle to the top of the magnet board.  Make sure to loosen it just a little so you can still get your magnet board back in the frame and laying flat!

7.       Embellish as desired. .. I tied the fun crown blingage and put a pin in my knot.  On the other side, I tied the chalk into the other knot 

8.       For the magnets, I just took the backs off some cute brads and attached a magnet to the back!

We also have this paper available at a DISCOUNT on our website…
HERE is the link to get this kit with LOTS of extras on sale!

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