Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today on Good Things Utah!!! Road Trip Magnet Board

Today I was featured on Good Things Utah... Check out the project I made :)
Supplies I used:
1 Dry Erase Magnet Board (The one I used was at Michaels and it is a 11.5x11.5 inch square)
Supplies I used:
2 We R Highway Junction Die Cut Paper
1 We R Direct Flight Paper
1 We R Travel Log Paper
1 piece of blue cardstock
16 small magnets
Brown ink for the edges (optional)
Circle punch

Because the magnet board is smaller than the die cut paper, I cut the Highway Junction paper and then repositioned it to be smaller.  By the time you layer all the papers on top you won't even see the seams! Just cut it anywhere on the side and top and then overlap it to be the size of your magnet board!
Then, I cut the Direct Flight Paper into a 8.5x8.5 inch square.
 Last, I cut the middle out of the 2nd piece of Highway Junction paper in a 8x8 inch square.
Cut your navy blue cardstock into 1" squares.  Place those squares onto your 8x8 inch square in a checker board pattern.
Punch the remaining Direct Flight and Travel Log paper with your circle punch and use glue dots to adhere them to your magnets.
When you are playing in your car, you can store the magnets that are not in the game on the top or sides of the magnet board :)

Road Trip Bingo
Supplies used for each Bingo Board:
1We R All Aboard Paper
1 We R Game Board Paper
1 We R Travel Log Paper
1 pkg of We R Travel Light Embellished Chipboard Tags
1 We R Travel Light Embossed Cardstock Stickers
1 We R Travel Log Embellished Tag
Black Rhinestones
Black Magnets
Silver Letter stickers (Or any letter stickers you have)

For the Bingo cards, you will need:
1 pkg of We R Travel Light Embellished Chipboard Tags
1 We R Travel Light Embossed Cardstock Stickers

Cut the All Aboard Paper into an 11x11 inch square
Cut (16) 2" squares from the Travel Log Paper.
Cut (16) 1.75" squares from the middle of the Game Board Paper 
 Adhere the Road trip title, letter stickers, embellished tags and stickers as shown.  For additional boards, make sure to mix up the stickers and embellished tags!
Attach magnets to the rhinestones.

The first to get 4 in a row or black out wins!



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