Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today on Good Things Utah...Easter Plates

Easter Place Setting Plates:
These simple plates make a great place setting for your Easter dinner!
Chinet 10” Plastic Plates

2 double sided cardstock papers
Misc. embellishments as desired (I used flocked letter stickers, ribbon and rhinestones)
Brown ink (if desired)
Kiwi Lime Design template (optional)
*You can get a kit with all the items used on our website
1) Find an object that is the same size as the bottom of the plate or use a cricut or other circle cutting tool to cut a 7” circle.
2) Cut a 3” strip of paper. You can either use a Kiwi Lime Design template or use your own freehand design down center of the strip. I did mine a bit to the side so one edge would be larger than the other.

  3) Use the opposite sides of the paper and layer them on your paper.
4) Cut a 3” wide by 4” tall photo matte for your picture.
5) Print a picture just a little smaller to place on your matte.
6) Use Letter stickers, die cut cardstock, stamps, or handwriting to write the name on your plate.
7) Embellish as desired.
8) Spray adhesive the FRONT of your “circle layout” and adhere to the bottom of the plate.
**NOTE** Spray adhesive WILL eat through the finish on your table so do this outside and LEAVE somewhere until it is completely dry. This adhesive can leak through paper and still get on your table until dry…  It also helps that you spray the adhesive, let it sit about 10 seconds and then put it on the plate.  Otherwise, the adhesive isn't as tacky!  Here is a close up of a finished plate...
 Here is a close up of just the circles underneath:

You can also put another clear plate over the top of your finished plate so it doesn't get dirty and you can reuse it!

I used the LUSH product kit for this project. They come with all these items shown here for just $12.99 which is about 50% off their retail value.  I think you could easily make 5-8 plates depending on how you embellish them with just one kit!  There are other weekly specials over there as well.  Check them out!  And comment on our blog to be entered into our weekly give away (the post before this one)


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