Monday, March 7, 2011

Check out the new autoship pictures being shipped in April

Here are the images of the current autoship clubs. For more information about our autoship clubs or to sign-up, visit our website! 
CLICK HERE to be directed to the page on our site where you can sign up!

She Said April 2011
Designed by Shyloh Belnap & Julie Bonner
My Page 4 all Seasons March 2011
Designed by Emily Springer & Shyloh Belnap
 He Said April 2011
Designed by Amber Packer & Julie Bonner
All the Rage March 2011
Designed by Heidi Vassel & Emily Springer
Amber's Possibilities April 2011
Designed by Amber Packer
Card Autoship Club $15
 Treasured Memories
Designed by Mandi Coombs
(We will post this Picture as SOON as we get it from the designer!) :)


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