Monday, November 8, 2010

Check out Amber on Good Things Utah!

Amber is going to be on Good Things Utah today featuring the BOOT class she is going to be teaching.  You can check out ALL the classes we will be teaching HERE.  To sign up, just place the item in the cart and it will automatically set you up to come!  The classes are being held November 19 & 20.  You can get detailed information on them HEREI have attached the instructions for the boot at the bottom of the page.  If you are looking for the supplies only, you can purchase the paper and embellishments on our website HERENot Local to UTAH?  NO WORRIES!!!!  You can select "mail my kit" and we will mail your kit to you right away!
ABC Album by Mandi Coombs
This class is darling with chipboard covers and a spiral bindings.  You will be using page protectors so each page is protected.  Quantities are limited!  We only have ONE girl album left...
Noel Banner
Beginning Digital Classes by Meredith Cardall

“Dressed-up Elf Boot”
Take the class OR order a kit!
Christmas Elf Boot Class - Taught by Amber Packer
Class held: Friday, November 19 at 6:30 pm in Sandy, UT
The elf boot is approximately 11” w x 18” h and will fit perfectly on your front door. You’ll love this boot so
much that you are not going to want to take it down when the holidays are over.
Want to take the class, but can’t make it on the 19th or don’t live close? We’ve got you covered: BUY THE
KIT!  The kit will come with all the paper, embellishments, wire, paint and wood you will need.  You will only need mod podge to complete this project!
2 – My Mind’s Eye Holly Jolly: Ornamental Paper
1 – My Mind’s Eye Holly Jolly: Deck the Halls Paper
1 – My Mind’s Eye Holly Jolly: Jolly Old St. Nick
1 – My Mind’s Eye Holly Jolly: Holiday Plaid Paper
Also Used: Supplies: wood boot, good glue stick, pencil,
scissors, mod podge, ink pad, Teresa Collins flower and
bling, drill, 20 gauge wire, wire cutters, screws, staple
gun or regular stapler and glue dots
1. Paint sides and back of all wooden piece (boot,
boot top and stars)
2. Adhere Winter Branches papers together - be
careful where you put the seam. I found it best
to add the adhesive to the tear strip.
3. Turn paper over red side down (branches up).
Turn boot over so it faces down, line up bottom
of boot along bottom of paper and carefully
4. Cut boot shape.
5. Lay Deck the Halls paper brown side down and
trace heel of boot (make sure you save the larger piece for the top of the boot). Cut out and add
curve to heel. Adhere to paper boot using a glue stick.
6. Lay Deck the Halls paper blue and brown damask side down with boot top face down on top.
Trace and cut out.
7. Trace and cut out stars as shown.
8. Ink all edges, if desired.
9. Add all three “Taylor’s Clips” to top left of boot – so they look like buttons on the boot.
10. Mod podge paper to wooden boot, boot top and stars. Separate large boot into three sections and
add mod podge a section at a time. Use your fingers to adhere paper between the clips.
11. Continue to smooth paper using your hands. Keep in mind that bubbles will go down, but creases
won’t. Be patient. Sometimes it’s best to walk away.
12. Talk with your friends while the mod podge is drying. *wink* It won’t take long.
13. Add a top coat of mod podge to seal the paper to the boot. Allow to dry to the touch.
14. Add crochet ribbon to bottom of boot top using mod podge or glue dots.
15. Drill the top of the boot to the boot – make sure there is access to the holes for wire you will hang
the boot with.
16. Add wire to top of boot. It does not need to be long, just enough to add the boot to a hanger.
17. Connect the two stars and large gem together using wire. Twist the wire so they will hang how
you’d like and staple to boot top.
18. Add red flower to boot top using glue dots to cover where you just stapled the wire.
19. Drill three holes in the boot heel
20. Starting at the top, “lace” brown ribbon through holes and tie a bow at the bottom.
Happy Holidays!

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