Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good Things Utah Boot Tray and Remove your Shoes sign

Today on Good Things Utah I am demonstrating how to make this darling boot tray and remove your shoes sign!

Remove your Shoes Block

1 6x8 glass tile block from your hardware store
1 transparency
Your favorite Ribbon

When my kids and I went to get pictures taken at FOTOFLY, they took this picture of my feet and this idea just sprang into my head!  Print your favorite 5x7 picture onto a transparency. To do this, I just printed it straight from my computer onto a transparency I have.  If you have an ink jet printer MAKE sure to get INK JET transparencies!  While you are at it, print the phrase you want to have on your block onto the SAME transparency!  I used "Please remove your shoes" and I printed it using the zapfino font on my apple computer.  Cut your picture to be just a little smaller than the surface of the block. Mix and pour Envirotex over the top to make the block waterproof. Envirotex is awesome because it is waterproof and weatherproof!  It will also shine just like the tile.  Make sure to do this outside, you would be super bummed to have a shiny kitchen table!  Plus, it stinks!  Wait one day and then apply the "remove your shoes" transparency.  I was going to use vinyl, but when I placed the transparency on just to see how it would look, it stuck right on there.   I am always looking for an easier way!If you are good at photoshop, you could also photoshop the words right onto your picture before you print it out on the transparency!  Tie a ribbon around the block and set it on your porch for your visitors!

Cookie Sheet Shoe Holder/Crafting Tray
1 11x17 cookie sheet (mine was only $6.99)
1 cooling rack
Misc. scrapbooking paper. We used the Lost and Found collection which can be found on our website.  I like this paper because it has the fun glitter on it!

Cut 2 sheets of paper to be 6x12. Cut the other half of those paper to be 6x6. Overlap the sheets slightly and place on the cookie sheet. We adhered an 8x10 paper as a background sheet for your picture. We liked to do a bigger picture to hide the paper seams. For the last seam that is showing, we layered a 3", 2.5" and 2" circle and then put a title on top of it. Glue the layout together.   HINT:  A mistake I made when making this (and the reason you can see the paper seams so well) is that you need to make sure to glue the paper down onto the cookie sheet and the other papers REALLY WELL.  Otherwise, the envirotex will get under the paper and cause it to have a little dimension.  It still looks great, just not as good as it could!

Mix and pour Envirotex over the cookie sheet. Let dry for a day. Adhere a fun rhinestone swirl over the top for dimension!

Place your cooling sheet over the top of the cookie sheet and now you have a waterproof holder for your shoes!  I also thought this would be a fun rack to use for drying projects that you are painting when you are doing your crafting. 

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Amy C said...

What a cute idea! I love the glass block. said...

how cute is this!!! where is the best place to find transfer paper?
new follower too! xo,

A Page 4 all Seasons said...

This is actually just an overhead transparency. You can probably even find it at the grocery store, but most likely at the office supply store. :) If you are using an ink jet computer make sure it says it is for that type of printer on the package.