Friday, August 20, 2010

Today on Good Things Utah...Locker Decorating Ideas!

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Locker Decorations with Style!

Supplies Needed:
Chandelier Locker light (Target)
32488 Making Memories Slice Tagmaker Rims Blue Glitter
Assorted Ribbons from American Crafts Spring and Summer Line
Silver Brads
Making Memories Paper clips or any binder clips

You can get these darling Chandeliers with a light attached to them at Target.  They are only about $4.99.  They have a magnet on top so you can stick it to the top of your locker.  The original chandelier had black rings coming down from it.  I clipped those all off so I just had the ring to work with, and make my own "personal" look!  To do this,
Cut the ribbon to about 1 inch longer than you would like it to hang.
Wrap the ribbon around the ring at the top of the chandelier and fasten with the brad.

Print pictures of your friends and family you would like hung and cut them place them into the tagmaker tags.  I found these darling glitter blue ones.  I thought they were super fun!
Clip to the chandelier ribbon with the paper clips or binder clips.  I tied some ribbon through the whole in the clip to add some "crafty" flare to it!

See!  Easy Peasy!  Make your kids do it to occupy them while they are excited to go back this week!  They can hang pictures of their friends from this...

**It would be fun to make this in “bigger” form and put it in your room! You would just use a ring from the crafts store. Embroidery hoops work great!


This layout was inspired by a page layout our designer Amber Packer had done for her autoship club last month! Here is the layout...
I simply turned the layout sideways and started to look at it like it was a locker door!  Here is what you should do...
Cut your paper to be the width of your locker. I would take the paper to your school and try it in the locker first because the lock could be in the way.  Once you have outlined where and how big it should be, you can bring the background paper back home and complete the layout.
Here are the dimensions I used for my locker layout..
Echo Park Paper Pinwheels paper SS1012 9” wide for the base of the layout
Whimsey Stripe SS1007 (Red paper) (2) 1/2”x12” strip for the left side going all the way down
Citrus Circle SS1008 (green plaid) (1) 5”x5” square for the top page and (1) 5”x12” strip for the bottom page.
Citrus Circle SS1008 (circle side) 4.5”x7” for the top page.
For the bottom of the page:
Citrus Circle SS1008 (circle side) 1”x7” strip
Whimsey Stripe SS1007 (Red Paper) 1.25”x7” strip
Cool Treats SS1004 (Stripe Paper) .25”x6”
Flower Garden SS1011 (Orange) 1.5”x6” strip and use the EK Success scallop edge punch or free hand cut it to be scalloped.
Sweet Summertime Element Stickers SS1014
I added the last page with a heart and photo frame with my leftovers.  Now, you wonder why there is no picture?  It is because I was thinking that they could put the picture of whoever they have a crush on in that photo matte along with their name in the magnetic letters (notice I make it all very temporary for this part of the layout)

My Minds Eye (discontinued) glitter letters
strip magnets

Adhere magnets to the back of these letters so you can change them to be whatever you would like them to say! Friends can leave you messages!


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