Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just a little bit about...ME

I thought I would start a little post every once in awhile about our designers. I know them so well and lately I have felt it has been unfair that you haven't been able to get to know them like me!

I started A Page 4 All Seasons in February 2008. I LOVED to scrapbook but felt like I spent way to much time "over analyzing" the design of my pages. On top of that, scrapbooking became an overwhelming mess by the time I opened a million packages, cut up and ruined tons of paper and not to mention the money I spent! I LOVED scrapbooking with kits because it was MESS FREE!!! My only complaint...the page kits out there seemed to "cheap" for me. I wanted a more designer look. And, more for myself than anyone else, A PAGE 4 ALL SEASONS was born!

I feel lucky that I have somehow convinced the BEST designers in the world that this is a great place to design for. I have a great little gig going on in my end.

As far as my personal life, I am a MOM of 3 FUN children. I have Kayla who is 13, Ashley is 10 and Brayden is 5. So.... I have kids all over the place as far as ages go. I feel like I am having a deep lecture about becoming a better person with one and then I have to turn right around and sing "Best day ever" at the top of my lungs with Sponge Bob and my youngest! I am TRULY grateful to be a mom. I have always worked and just recently made the big leap to work only this website. I feel lucky and I really don't say enough that I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS because they are keeping me from having to leave my kids. I did that for 12 years, and it is so hard to think of ever doing it again!

I have an awesome husband, Jared. We have been married almost 14 years. (Yes, for all you math wizards..Kayla was a "honeymoon baby"). Lucky us! I wish I could say that Jared is my darling, sweet husband who I cherish and will love forever but that would make him throw up. Although I do feel those things, my husband and I survive on humor and sarcasm almost all the time.

My hobbies (besides scrapbooking) include running, running, and running... I had a huge fear of running because I passed out in a race when I was in Jr. High. Three years ago I began to run. It took me an hour to do 3 miles the first time! I have slowly worked up to do half marathons, the ragnar relay and last fall did my first marathon in St. George, UT. I will be doing another this fall...

Well, I think I couldn't possibly bore you any more so I will end my ramblings here! Posting at 430am can sometimes equate to a very long, confusing post! Oh, that sums up the last thing about me... I NEVER SLEEP! I wish I did! But, I don't.



Emily said...

You are most definitly on of my most favorite people ever - and THAT is why I design for you!! Love your guts sister

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