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Featured today on Good Things Utah..Travel Ideas

**so sorry! I had this scheduled to post yesterday right when our segment began but I put the wrong year!! *** I will do the giveaway on this on Tuesday night (one week) when I get back at the same time as the giveaway before this!

Dreading your next Road trip? I am to! Here are some great ways to help your next road trip be a success!**Make sure to read all the way through this post so you can see our GIVEAWAY for this!*
Movie chest:
Supplies needed:
Cute scrapbook paper
Treasure chest or any cute container that can fit in your glove box.

Cover your container with scrapbook paper to make it festive.
Fill the chest with paper strips of the movies you have brought.
When it comes time to watch a movie, you can pick from the chest to avoid a fight!
Out and About Chart:
Supplies needed:
We R Memory Keepers out and about designer series pad.
We R Memory Keepers 4x6 journaling cards.
1/2 sheet of bracket paper from We R Memory Keepers
1/6 sheet of Black cardstock
page protector
3M temporary hooks
From the designer pad, chose the house/tree paper and cut as shown.
Use the Orange paper and cut 1/2” larger in height.
From the 4x6 tablet, pull the title.
Cut the Orange paper to be 4.5x6.5 inches as a backing.
Cut the bracket paper in half. Assemble layout as shown using the paper, letters and tags from the designer series pad.
Make signs backed with cardstock of pitstops you would like to make.
As you make progress, move the car forward so your kids can see how far you are getting, maybe even avoiding the famous question, “are we there yet!?”  You can use the temporary hooks to hang this chart from your child's window with the temporary hooks.  You can even get suction cup hooks from a home improvement store.  It can serve as a window shade AND a progress chart!
Numbered Activity Cans
We R Memory Keepers Designer series pad (for paper and numbers)
We R Memory Keepers Die Cut Tags
Black Ribbon (for decoration)
Empty Pringles cans
Cut paper to be the same size as the can (right below the silver on each side so it will lay flat).
Cut a smaller paper that you can wrap around the middle or bottom, for accent.
Tie ribbon around the can and attach the die cut tag.
Number each can.

**OF COURSE you can always decorate these cans the way YOU like to have them!

You can get as many cans as you have hours to drive. Every hour, open a new can. These cans are also handy because they can be stored in your door pocket easily and when brought out, easily fit in your cup holder!

Fill these cans with treats, activities, games, a DS game they like to play, the title of a movie they can start to watch, lots of things to occupy your cuties for an hour! Another thought is to create new playlists on your ipod or in your CD collection and have them randomly chose a CD to listen to every hour if you don’t have a movie player in your car.

All products demonstrated can be purchased on our website

I found a few GREAT websites where you can download FREE travel games or coloring sheets.  Here are a few:
This is the link for the things you can print in these cans but there are hours of creative ideas on things you can do with your kids when in the car.  Who woulda thought there would be so much?
This site has fun games but it also has word searches and mazes that are fun to do!

This site has a ton of games and some fun coloring pages.  I even found some color by numbers!  I also loved that they had a way to sort by age so you knew you were getting age-appropriate activities as well.  They also have a 22 page book you can print off which makes a good variety!

There are so many websites you can search through but I have ton quite a bit of research for you and think these are the best sites.  They will be the most clean to look at and give you plenty of variety.
Follow our blog or check back weekly because we do giveaways pretty much EVERY week!  PLUS, we are a small company so until word gets out, your odds of winning are AWESOME!

We are already giving away a kit (see previous post) so make sure to check over there and leave a comment to be in that contest. 

For this prize, simply leave us some lovin' and tell us what you like about the project.  We will draw for a winner on TODAY at midnight (yep, you will only get TODAY to enter).  The lucky winner is going to get the Designer scrapbook pad and 4x6 pad that you will need in order to make these projects!  I am leaving out of town on Tuesday so I will post the winner Monday night at midnight and the winner will need to email me with their address by noon on Tuesday so be sure to check back here.

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misty said...

I love your travel activity ideas. I am always looking for ways to keep my kids entertained in the car!

Amy C said...

What a great idea for the road!! I love it! I think having a different can for every hour would be fantastic!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

this is such a great idea! i love it!

Candie said...

So cute!! We have a trip coming up and I am excited to make ALL of these projects!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I'll have to try to put something together before we hit the road for San Diego!

Sarah said...

I absolutely loved the Pringles cans in fact I already bought some to make the cans! Hopefully I can have them ready before we leave on Monday!

MELODY said...

Such great ideas! Love the idea about opening a can for every hour. I think my kids would really love that! Good colors and I think that it appeals to a wide range of ages. Thanks for the ideas! Would love to use them on our next road trip to UT!

Lindsay said...

Super cute! I love the treasure chest idea with movie titles inside. I swear we spend twenty minutes just trying to decide which movie to watch!

Kathy said...

Great ideas! You are always so original.

Amanda R said...

I love the travel chart. I'm going to make it for our trip to Disney in October. It will be great for my 3 year old to know where we are and when we are stopping.

Aimee said...

So cute! I am completely in love with the pringle's cans!

家唐銘 said...


Michelle said...

I had a neighbor give me Christmas cookies in a pringles can like this. It was SO CUTE!!! You can see photos on my blog:
Michelle @ Thrifty101

solanarecyclers said...

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