Monday, February 1, 2010

Today on Good things Utah...

Thanks for watching! Here are detailed instructions and pictures for the projects we have featured!

Milk Carton:
Supplies needed: 1 piece of cardstock, template or sizzix milk carton die cut, binder clip, ribbon

You can use the template that I have provided by clicking here, or (the easiest route) is to use the Sizzix milk carton die cut. My friend Tami Fesenden is a consultant (she is awesome) and you can access her site HERE! Right now, they are having a huge sale and that is how I got the border punch that I used… FREE!
Helpful tip: When assembling the template, make sure to fold the sides IN. I cut the scalloped border with a scallop border punch from Stampin up. It is easier to punch the edge first and then cut the edge from the paper so you don’t have to punch a tiny piece of paper

I cut the tiny paisley from the patterned paper and adhered it with a foam dot to give it dimension. pumch a hole and attach some cute ribbon or staple the top and you are done!
You can purchase the paper I used for this carton on my website

Treat bag:
I used the scallop sizzix punch from Stampin' Up (Thanks Tami!) to punch the two sides of the paper. Then I just decorated the front as shown. I cut the top off a tiny lunch sack to the size of the die cuts. You can get it at any craft store.

For the "handle" on the die cut, I used the oval punch and tied a ribbon through the handle.

All you need is love
Supplies needed: 2 ½ sheets of cardstock, tin, adhesive, ribbon, 100 things you LOVE about your Man!You can get these cute tins at a craft store or from my website. I cut the paper to be as tall as the tin. I then used a 1 ¼ ” circle punch to do a half circle in the middle of the paper. Attach the paper to the tin (I used tombo mono adhesive) Then, I cut a 2” strip of paper from the leftover papers I had and put it around the bottom of the tin.For the top, I did (2) 2x6 inch strips. I used the 1” circle punch to do half circles on the top and then put them around the handle
You can write on the front, I used my Cricut to cut letters and a transparency for mine!Tie ribbon to the handle and start thinking of what you love!Additional idea: Ric Rac goes around the edges of the can well and can add some fun flair if your paper isn’t as busy as mine. It moves around the circles you had to punch really well! Because mine is for my husband, I didn’t want to add to much “fluff”. You can purchase this tin on our website.

Flower Sucker:
Supplies needed: 1 piece of cardstock, rhinestone, template or Sixxix flower die cut
Cut 2 of the larger flowers and 1 of the smaller flower from your favorite patterned paper. I have made the paper I used available on my site under “Good Things Utah” if you like it! Layer the flowers and add the cute rhinestone! Attach to a sucker (use glue dots so glue doesn’t possibly leak through the plastic). Tie a cute green ribbon to the sucker handle so it looks like the “leaves”.
You can purchase the paper and rhinestones I used for this sucker on my website

Circle Flower Sucker:
Supplies needed: 1 piece of cardstock, rhinestone, circle cutter or small circle items you can trace!
Cut 3 different circles. I cut mine 2.5”, 2” and 1.5”. I crinkled them up (like they are garbage) and inked the edges to give it character. Layer them all back together, add the rhinestone and glue dot to a sucker!
You can purchase the paper and rhinestones I used for this sucker on my website

Soda pop bottle treats:
Supplies needed: Soda pop bottles in holder, 3 12x12 cardstock, matching spray paint, ribbon, spray adhesive
Drink or dump all the Coke! Use and let dry (keep the lids)!
I used the classic Coke bottles because they are clear and I think they have really cute character. I used regular tombo mono adhesive for the entire project. Use your cute paper to just decorate the out

side of the box as shown. If you go a little over on the edges, you can use a file or exacto knife to get right to the edge!
Cut 6 pieces of cardstock 1 1/2 x 8 inches. I kept mine simple since I am giving this to my husband, but you can go crazy with decorating these! Tie ribbon around the top (can’t live without ribbon)
Fill your bottles with treats and stick the bottles back in the container. Yeah! You are done….


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I caught the show today. Great job! Can't wait to read more of your blog.

Anonymous said...

What fun ideas thanks so much. I love them all!!!

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