Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Do I Love thee?

Look how cute! I made this fun tower out of matchboxes. I covered it in cute Valentines paper so I can put little notes in them for my kids in February. How fun! A valentine advent calendar! You can purchase the kit here for just $12.00 which includes detailed instructions and the matchbox blanks. You will just have to cut and attach the paper! (This is also in the kit)

The calendar is meant to be for Christmas so you can make it as tall as you would like. I did 12 thinking I would start it on February 2. You can do more! If you don't use all the matchboxes, you can decorate them and use them as fun party favors or Valentines. I just love talking about LOVE! (heehee)

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Aimee said...

That is absolutely adorable!!!! You are so creative!