Friday, December 4, 2009

New Pictures for autoships sent on January 1

Happy holidays! Just a few things... we have added the December club kits that we have left to the site. They are mostly Christmas pages (which go fast) so make sure to click here if you want to be directed to those kits. They are $30.00 each, with a 20% discount if you are already a member! Here are the new clubs. Also, we are sad to say that Tamara is no longer designing the He Said and She Said autoship clubs. She is going to spend more time on her family and church callings, and we are excited for her. What a great opportunity for her! In the future, we will be continuing those clubs with different designs from ALL of our customers. We think you are going to LOVE the variety!

Amber's Possibilities
Designed by Amber Packer
He Said
Designed by Amber Packer
She Said
Designed by Tamara Jensen and Heidi Vassel
All the Rage
Designed by Emily Springer and Heidi Vassel
My Page 4 All Seasons
Designed by Shyloh Belnap

Basic Grey Card Class
only $15.00, kit is not pre-cit

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