Friday, November 13, 2009

AWESOME gift idea at an awesome price!

I know we are a scrapbooking website, but I bought this cookbook in a store and loved it so much I HAD to bring it here to share! It is a GORGEOUS cookbook with beautiful pictures through the WHOLE book. The recipes are fancy, but delicious and totally easy to cook! The premise behind the book is to GATHER your friends together. It has ideas for table settings, full course meals, it really inspires you to want to cook for your family! husband has (seriously) loved me more since I started using this book!

I bought them as gifts for all of my friends for christmas! (I hope they don't see this post) I am offering to you for a discounted price of $27.50 which is $2.50 off the regular price of the book. BUT, if you are an autoship member you would get 20% more off of that lower price! I LOVE to get gifts for a discount!!! Click on the picture for the book you like (there are 2 volumes) and it will take you to the link on our site. You can also see more detailed pictures of their cookbooks (and there are even some sample recipes at

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