Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Coming up on Good things Utah..

Well, here it is... S'more ideas. I was getting so cheesy with the ideas, I am worried about the whole state of Utah laughing at me! Detailed instructions can be downloaded on my website. CLICK HERE to be directed to the page where you can download the instructions!

Also, since the cat is away, I HAVE to make sure the mice don't play! So... Place an order with promo code GTUJuly09 and you will receive 50% off your HIGHEST price item! Act fast! This offer ends on Friday, July 16th!


Mandi said...

Stinkin' Cute ideas! Can't wait to see the show! :D

Anonymous said...

I watched the show today on Good Things Utah. Really cute! I am trying to down load the file and it will not allow me to do it. Would love to have it!

Shyloh Belnap said...

email me your address and I can email you the instructions! :)