Saturday, December 27, 2008

We still have some past autoships available!

We have some old autoships that are still available! I have posted the pictures here! They are available on a first come, first serve basis for AUTOSHIP MEMBERS only! They are all $25.00 (sorry - no add'l discount) unless otherwise noted! (There are a few bargain buys)! If you would like one or more, just email me at and we will just charge the card on file! Remember, FREE shipping on orders over $75 and these are RETIRED layouts you will never see again!

January Possibilties
January She Said

January All The Rage
November She Said:

November Tiny Treasures:

November Possibilities:

You are on the go... just the one layout $12.50
The first layout in the pic is sold out

May Tiny Treasures only $15.00!!!!

You are 2-page kit only $10.00
By Tamara Jensen

May Amber's Possibilities Live Well. We don't have the letters for the Live well word...
Page is only $7.50

October Possibilties - only 1 left!

June Possibilities we only have the 2nd layout... $7.50

June He Said Kit Club - we only have the first layout (Just Be Yourself) for $11.00

Reach for the Stars by Amber Packer $11.00

September Tiny Treasures - $17.00

September He Said:

October All the Rage

Imagination By Tamara Jensen $11.00


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