Thursday, November 27, 2008

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I can't believe it is Thanksgiving already! I FINALLY got some new layouts posted and the newsletter for this week sent to check them out! I added some pictures to this posting so you can just click on the picture if you like the item! Can you believe that we have those darling mini totes from AMM and only $7.50! That is 50% off!!!! And, the wood blocks for only $4.50 is an AWESOME neighbor gift. Plus, if you are an autoship member you get 10% off! Also, don't forget about gift certificates! If you order one over $30 we are sending you a FREE treat! And - it is something good! Plus, they are really cute cards that I made for them! I hope your holiday weekend is awesome! Happy Turkey Day! I am off to figure out how to cook mine!

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