Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oh where oh where have your teachers gone?

Well, I am excited to say that Amber Packer will be teaching the Acrylic Album class at Scrapbook USA. I am sure you will be VERY excited to see her there! Many people are wondering what will happen to some of your teachers when All my Memories closes. Well, I can PROMISE you that Mandi and I will be teaching classes beginning in May. When Scrapbook USA is over, we will be doing back to back classes at the Best Western Cotton Tree Inn in Sandy (in May). YEAH! Then, we will begin teaching classes at my clubhouse here in Draper in June. We will keep you posted! I need to get a schedule and class themes set up asap, so will keep you up to date!

I was thinking about scrapbook kits this weekend. I drive a Volvo XC90 which is a little mini SUV. Pretty decent sized. When I went to scrapbook overnight with a friend, the ENTIRE car was full with stuff. I couldn't leave anything behind because I needed everything available to create a page! Then, I spent half the time re-organizing everything so I could find it if I needed it!

Well, I also brought one small basket where I had put kits I have bought along with the matching pictures. Guess what - I ONLY used that box! The kits covered all that I needed to make the pages! I just needed a cutter, glue, black and brown ink and I was done! Plus, no messes, not a million scraps I left laying all over... It was great! Plus, it was quicker. Although they weren't my original designs, I felt GREAT about getting so much done because I could spend more time doing what we really should do in scrapbooks...journaling!!!!!

I can't wait to get this website finished so you can see all the kits! I think you will LOVE the idea of it because you to will have less mess, the advantage of everything being cut, and they are affordable!

OK - question for the day... I am going to have a scrapbook monthly club. I am going to charge $30 per kit plus shipping (I think it will be $5 in shipping). The HOTTEST scrapbook products on the market will be in there! If you join the club with a 6 month commitment, you will save 20% off your kit and any orders on the website as long as you are a member.
I think this is a GREAT deal! What do you think? I'd love feedback before I finalize this concept!


Anonymous said...

Shyloh, Great ideas. I was so sad to hear about the store, but I am so glad to hear that my little escape of scrapbooking classes will still be around. Is your store comletely web based? I look forward to seeing more. Thanks. -Alysa

peggidy said...

Can't wait!!!! I am so excited that you are going to keep this going. I love the idea of the club. Count me in!!! I am currently in Scrap Jammies club and love it. For the expo can I buy the packets and kits for all the classes? I work and large crowds give me the creeps! I can't wait for updates!!!
Oh by the way LOVE the web page design. You and Mandi rock!!!
Thanks Shyloh!

Shyloh Belnap said...

The "store" is going to be web based, but if you are in the Draper area, you can come on over as soon as we are up and running!