Thursday, February 21, 2008

Exciting Exciting Exciting!

Well, I did get a LITTLE work done today. I had to work my "other job" for several hours and then Brayden has been sick with strep throat and an ear infection. He spent a good portion of the day crying. Doesn't make for a real professional environment to get things done in!

But - I just booked Mandi to teach her infamous "Capture the Magic" class, she is going to do 2 2-page layout spreads. We will follow up that class with another class for tons more Disney in May! I am trying to decide if I wanna take on so much. I also committed to be the Scrapbook USA Silver sponsor. So - we will be on Good things Utah and Studio 5, and on their commercials! Ugh - so overwhelming! I am making a little 6x6 page to put in the early bird goody bags (1500 of them). That is exciting!

So - we are designing away, hoping to get the website up and running with kits available starting in the next couple weeks. I have to wait on some orders we are trying to get to come in! As soon as our heads stop spinning (by next week or so) we will be coming up with some class ideas. I think I am going to have the Scrapbook USA classes in April, the marathon classes in May, and then we will have to let you know some dates for June! What do you guys think of the logo? Mandi designed it for me. I couldn't ask for it to be any cuter!

Anyone have suggestions on what they would like to see kits done with? Any themes?

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