Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Patriotic Strawberry Pie

This pin was a fun patriotic dessert found here:   

The recipe is super easy to follow and yields 2 pies.
2 Graham Cracker Pie Crusts
1 pkg 6 oz. Strawberry Jello
2 C Diced Strawberries
1/4 C Sugar
2 pkg 8 oz Cool Whip
1 pkg 8 oz. Cream Cheese, softened
1 8oz can of Crushed Pineapple, drained
Blue Food Coloring

Make the Blue cream layer first.
1.  Add softened cream cheese and sugar, mix with a hand mixer.
2. Add in drained pineapple and 1/2 of 1 of the Cool Whip containers. 
3. Mix in drops of blue dye to turn mixture blue
4. Pour 1/2 of this blue mixture into each of the pie crusts. 
5. Add the other half of the mixture to the other pie crust. 
6. Chill in the fridge while making the Jello
Strawberry Jello layer
1. Add 1 1/2 C boiling water to Jello mix and stir until dissolved.
2. Add 2 C ice, stir until melted
3. Mix in Strawberry slices… I love to use my little strawberry core tool called the Stem Gem. It also makes my kids think it is fun to help. 
Then, I slice the strawberries in my egg slicer. SO FAST!
4. Chill in fridge until it starts to firm…about 5 minutes
Filling the pies
1. Spoon the Jello mixture over the blue cream filling 
2. Chill for 4 hours or so so the Jello will fully set. 
3. Top with Cool Whip when you serve
This recipe is I will say, it was EASY to make but I definitely wasn’t able to make it as pretty as the photo! I think I need to get the whip cream figured out! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

DIY Travel Packing Travel Hacks

With Summer here, I was excited to find this pin!

With super fun packing travel hacks.  Here were some of my favorite:
Use a shower cap to cover the bottom of your shoes.
Use a Cotton Cosmetic pad to protect your makeup from breaking.
Use Saran Wrap or Press and Seal wrap for your jewelry to keep it from getting tangled
Put your chains through a straw to keep them from getting tangled.
Use a binder clip to protect your fingers from the top of your razor.
Wrap your headphones around a binder clip and use that clip to attach to your bag for easy access!
Use a contact lens case to store some of your more expensive face creams/syrums so you don’t risk losing or breaking your whole bottle!
Roll your clothes in your suitcase. You will have more room, it helps so they don’t become unfolded as you are looking through them and it helps with wrinkles! I actually roll my clothes in my dresser as well :) 
Use a sunglasses case to store your chargers and cords.

What are some ways you pack? Share your secrets in the comments below :) 

Monday, May 18, 2015

End of the Year Teacher Gift Ideas

I can’t believe it is already time to think about the end of the year!  If everyone is as busy as I am wrapping things up, you would probably appreciate a few teacher gift ideas that add a little “thought” to your gift but are oh so easy!  

Here a few of the favorite gifts I found!
I just love ANYTHING Dr. Seuss.  When I found this book that he was working on right before he died I just had to check it out. It is a book about a teacher who inspires individual thinking. The original pin also has a cute tag you can print and attach to this book! 
To make the dip, you will just combine 8 oz. softened cream cheese, 15 oz. Market’s Caramel Dip and a bag of Heath bits (found on the cooking aisle).  Not gonna lie, I might chose to give this to teachers just so I can snitch some for myself!
I mixed a batch together and then put them in these cute short mason jars. The original pin with the recipe is here and for the tag, I just printed the 8x10 printable in this pin smaller.

Fun EASY Printables for Gift Cards
I love how there are so many resources for fun printables anymore. I do get frustrated when I see the perfect pin, click on it and it goes nowhere (I call it internet outer space)!  These cute printable are tried and true, easy to print and available for free.
Because you totally rock! itunes gift card (There is also a cute Barnes n Noble one on this blog).
I looked for teacher appreciation ideas on pinterest cards.  These are hilarious!  They have a Target, Amazon and Starbucks card.  I loved them so much I want to show you the other 2 I didn't make but LOVED.
Picture from original blog
Picture from original blog

Amazon Gift Card printable

Hope these ideas help you to have a more stress free end of the year!