Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Countdowns!

This week, our pin is featuring a few of my favorite Christmas Countdown Pins. 

This was the EASIEST countdown to make! I created my version from this pin.

I only did 12 days because (to be honest) all 24 days is tiring to keep up with! 

Items needed:
12 boxes (I got mine from Pak N Wrap… they cost $4 for all of them and I made sure they were the same height).
A surface to put your boxes on. (I used a framed white board)
Type numbers on your computer
Cute Christmas paper to decorate the boxes (optional) 

Put the numbers on the boxes and tape them on the board! You can also use a heavy duty magnet and magnet board as well!
The second calendar I thought younger kids would think was fun is this pin.

Items Needed:
tri - fold foam core board
Tissue Paper
Circle Cutter
13 brown bags

1. Trace 12 squares the same size as the bottom of the bag. 
2. Trace the squares onto your wrapping paper. 
3. Cut your paper bags the height you would like them. 
4. Tape into the holes
5. Add glue to the edges of all the holes
6. Put the tissue paper on top of the holes
6. Cut a circle smaller than the rectangles you traced on your wrapping paper.
7. Wrap it around your board. 
8. Add your numbers and title (if you would like)

Check out the original pin for detailed pictures!
And lastly, the calendar we love the most… The Lego advent calendar! Did everyone know about this? We never get tired of how fun this is :) 


Friday, November 18, 2016

Thanksgiving Day Fun!

Pinterest is loaded with ideas of things our kids can do for Thanksgiving Day. I am featuring 3 ideas I thought were a little more original!
Teachers probably know all about playing games to match a book. But, as a parent, I think this would be a really fun idea for Thanksgiving day. Each child can print out and color their “Old Lady”. Then, a parent or older child can have fun reading this funny story while the child “feeds” her Old Lady the food. I like this pin because it combines together links to make the best puppet!
This pin seems REALLY simple. And, it is! My version is even more simple than the original :) For thanksgiving day, I like crafts that the kids can do their own without much adult help since we are busy cooking. 

Items needed:
Terra cotta pot and corresponding lid
Brown and Orange Acrylic Paint
Wooden Knob
Pipe Cleaner

I painted the pot orange. Seemed silly because really, the terra cotta pot is already a shade of orange. But, I went ahead and did it anyway because it would keep little hands busier longer :)  

Paint the knob brown and attach to the “lid” of the pot.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around the knob, then use a pencil to make them curly. 
This pin looks like so much fun for kids (and adults) alike :)
Items needed: 
Drinking Straw
Turkey Drawing

I just found a printable online for my turkeys. The printable I used was here.

You can also find black and white coloring pages to use instead!
Attach the straw to the turkey, and then to the balloon. 

Tie your strings across some chairs and let the race begin!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Products I am pinning!

Some of my most favorite products, I have found on Pinterest! I love product recommendations and thought I would share some of my favs!
1) Insta Pot: Can I just say… 10 minutes for perfect hard boiled eggs. 15 minutes for 5 lbs of cooked potatoes. And, my favorite slow cooker recipe that normally takes 5 hours in just 60 minutes! (Need I say more) 

Shredded Beef Tacos
3-4 lb Chuck Roast
2 jars Homemade Chili Sauce 
1 Green Pepper (cut into a few large pieces)
1 Quartered Onion
1 Cup Water
Salt and brown the roast on all sides in a pan. Add the roast and the above ingredients to the insta pot and cook on high for 60 minutes. Remove the onion and green pepper. Shred the beef and return to the liquid. Leave it on warm until ready to serve. {Serve with ready to cook tortillas and top with cilantro}

2) The Gifts of Imperfection: LIFE.CHANGING … the font says “let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are”… uh, amen! Brene Brown is an expert in shame, authenticity and belonging. 
She goes through 10 guideposts to living whole hearted in this book.  Some of my many favorite quotes from the books are: 

…There are just so many, I wish we could just have story time and read the entire book together!

3) The Cuddle Me: I LOVE this product. Not only is the owner fabulous to work with (he works so hard to make sure you love your custom blankie), but the fabric is so comfy you can’t stop cuddling it! I love this cuddle me. I bought it for my friend who lives in a home. I got this so she could wear it around her neck without having all the extra fabric bunched up while she is in her chair. She uses a walker so I imagine it will be easier for her to keep this on her shoulders as she walks as well :) 
The company who makes these is Briorge Cuddle Productions. AND, they have given me a small blankie that I can give to a lucky viewer! Go to my Instagram account shylohb and make a comment of what your favorite product is on the post for today’s pin.  I will draw a winner on Monday, November 7th!

4) KONG Cloud e-collar: Our dog Lillie recently got hit by a car and had to have her leg amputated. It was horrible! The incision was huge and having her lick it just couldn't be an option. Using this collar instead of a cone was a life saver and made her long recovery so much more pleasant!!