Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Thanksgiving Day Ideas!

Thanksgiving is such a great way to gather with family and friends for delicious food and great company. Sometimes, it is hard to keep the little ones entertained. Here are a few great ideas to help with those moments when they might get bored.

Thanksgiving Printable
Items Needed: 

Use this original pin to print out a cute Thanksgiving “Stamp” on the paper. 
Then, print the coloring page of your choice on the back (she has several links on her site for some free printable) 
To fold, you would fold the top down a little more than 1/3 of the way (holding the paper portrait)
Pull up the bottom of the paper, so there is now a “pocket.” You will see the cute Thanksgiving stamp you printed on the front. 
Fold both sides back and then tuck one side into the other. 
Stick with your crayons, and you have a fun little “activity pack”!
Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder
Items Needed:
Black Paper Cup
Black Card Stock
Brown Paper 
Yellow Paper

Cut the bottom out of the cup using a craft knife.
Glue a black circle slightly larger than the opening to the top of the cup. 
Wrap a piece of brown paper around the cup for a band 
Cut out a yellow piece of paper, put some brown on top of it (as shown on my blog or the original pin) and glue it to the front for the buckle. 
Add crayons 

Now you have a cute table setting that can also entertain the kids! Consider using butcher paper on the kid's table so kids can just color when they get bored! The original pin is here.
Gratitude Game
I loved the idea of this pin but I did change it a little bit!

Items Needed:
Popsicle Sticks
Cute container to put them in

I used Sharpie Markers to write categories of things you could be grateful for on the end of these popsicles sticks. Then, I put them face down in my container. Each person can then draw out a stick and name things they are grateful for according to the stick that they drew!
Popcorn Relay Game
Here is the original pin.
You will need to make “shoe cups” for each person.
Items Needed:
Plastic cups
Paper Clip

You'll need a pair of these for each team. I used a knife to poke a small hole in the bottom of a plastic cup.  
Push a wide rubber band through the hole. 
Thread a paper clip onto the band inside the cup pull on the other end of the band.

Divide your group into teams and give each team a large bag of plain popcorn and two shoe cups. 
The first runner on each team slips the cups over his shoes and fills them with popcorn. 
At "Go," the players make their way across the lawn, empty their popcorn into a box, and run back to the start. 
The next teammate in line slips on the cups and does the same. 
The relay continues until one of the bags is empty. 
The team with the most popcorn is the winner.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Easy Halloween Party Game Ideas!

I love this time of year when we get to think about planning classroom parties. Here are a few fun (and easy) ideas you can use if you are a lucky room mom or just looking for a way to entertain your kids!
Pumpkin Memory

Items Needed:
Black Paper
Brown Paper
Orange Paper Plates

Make several sets of identical pumpkins and use them to play memory!  I thought if you would like to double this up as an art activity, you could have each child make their own set and then play the game together at a station for their party.
Pumpkin Toss

Items needed:
Little Black Cauldrons
Candy Pumpkins (buy double so you will have enough left after you snitch them all week long)!
Optional: Pumpkin Toss Game Board that you can download HERE

Toss the pumpkins in the cauldrons
I made a game board because my kids are a bit older and, well.. it is important to have a clear winner. We are competitive that way lol. You can either score the game by whoever gets the most in the cauldron or use the game board and keep score!
Rolling a Frankenstein

Items Needed:
Green, Black and White paper
Roll a Frankenstein Printable (on the original pin)

Pre-cut the Frankenstein pieces. Depending on the ages of your kids, you can do this ahead of time, or you can let them do this on their own. HERE is a template you can use for the pieces.

Print out the printable on the original pin.

Roll the dice and see who can build their Frankenstein first. Once done, you can glue the Frankenstein together. 

Hopefully, these ideas will help Halloween party planning be a little less scary! 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Why didn't I think of that?

Pinterest is the BEST place to go for hacks that seem to make life easier, and I love these simple things we can do to simplify!

THIS PIN had some of the best ideas!

Toilet Brush Drip Dry: Genius! Use the seat to hold your toilet brush in place. It is the perfect solution to avoid the NASTY water dripping all over.
Taco Stand: Who thought of using a muffin tin for a taco stand while assembling tacos? Genius!

Nail Polish clean up: If you catch your spill right away, you can pour sugar on your nail polish and it will clean up your mess. 
Band Aid Fitting: Don’t you hate that band aids aren’t the exact shape of your finger? Especially on the knuckle! Take some scissors and cut a slit on each side. The fit will be perfect!

Handy utensils: Don’t you hate it when they forget the fork in the drive through? A straw cut in half and used like chopsticks is the perfect substitute fork!

Corn on the Cob: Isn’t it a bummer that the corn is round, and the stick of butter is a flat square? Here is a good fix to that! Put a generous amount of butter on a piece of bread and use it to butter your corn. Why didn’t I think of that!?