Monday, May 18, 2015

End of the Year Teacher Gift Ideas

I can’t believe it is already time to think about the end of the year!  If everyone is as busy as I am wrapping things up, you would probably appreciate a few teacher gift ideas that add a little “thought” to your gift but are oh so easy!  

Here a few of the favorite gifts I found!
I just love ANYTHING Dr. Seuss.  When I found this book that he was working on right before he died I just had to check it out. It is a book about a teacher who inspires individual thinking. The original pin also has a cute tag you can print and attach to this book! 
To make the dip, you will just combine 8 oz. softened cream cheese, 15 oz. Market’s Caramel Dip and a bag of Heath bits (found on the cooking aisle).  Not gonna lie, I might chose to give this to teachers just so I can snitch some for myself!
I mixed a batch together and then put them in these cute short mason jars. The original pin with the recipe is here and for the tag, I just printed the 8x10 printable in this pin smaller.

Fun EASY Printables for Gift Cards
I love how there are so many resources for fun printables anymore. I do get frustrated when I see the perfect pin, click on it and it goes nowhere (I call it internet outer space)!  These cute printable are tried and true, easy to print and available for free.
Because you totally rock! itunes gift card (There is also a cute Barnes n Noble one on this blog).
I looked for teacher appreciation ideas on pinterest cards.  These are hilarious!  They have a Target, Amazon and Starbucks card.  I loved them so much I want to show you the other 2 I didn't make but LOVED.
Picture from original blog
Picture from original blog

Amazon Gift Card printable

Hope these ideas help you to have a more stress free end of the year! 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Tuck and Cover French Braid

With summer coming, it is fun to have a hair style you can throw your hair into without looking  too casual!

This pin was a fun and simple hair do I think will do the trick!

Since I am NOT a hair dresser, it turned out a bit messy on me.  I was going to re-do it to make it look perfect but I wanted to see if this was truly quick.  I feel like within 4 minutes I was able to get it to look decent enough.  I do think with a little practice this will look even better!

Step 1: Place an elastic headband on top of your head leaving a little bit of hair in the front. 
Step 2: French bread your hair over the top of the head band going down your side.
Step 3: I like to loosen the braid so it looks bigger.
Step 4: Tuck your hair into the hair band and pull through tight!
Step 5: Now roll your hair up into the headband and let it get in there really tight!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Personal Mother's Day Gift Ideas..Bookmark and Keychain

For Mother’s Day this year, I thought I would get started early on finding some fun meaningful gift ideas kids can make! 

The first project I saw all over Pinterest was this fun picture bookmark
Such a fun and easy gift I think you should have your kids make one for you!  PLUS, when I made these my kids just loved them.  This is why I love to take my kids to Camera Shy (  I think they think it is so fun to see current pictures of themselves all over and I am just not the best photographer!  But… I go in often because I like to do fun pictures that show their personality.

For this project, I just asked them to take a picture of my kids with their hands in the air for the tassel. 

Here is what I did…

Items needed:
Packing Tape
Craft Thread (I like this more than embroidery floss, I think it is less silky)

First, the original pin says you should cut out the picture.  I did do this for Brayden’s bookmark but then the backgrounds at Camera Shy were so cute that I actually just cut out my daughters in a rectangle with the background. 

Make the tassel… 
Wrap the ribbon around a paper or a lid that is about the size you would like it to be.  About 20 times around would work well.
Use a longer piece of thread and tie a knot through the string.
Remove from the lid and then use a smaller string to tie around the top of the tassel.
Use the highest quality laminate out there…. packing tape!  Tape the back of the bookmark. making sure to place your string right behind where the hand is so it looks like the hand is holding the string. Then, tape the front and you have a super fun bookmark! 

Such a fun idea to give your Mom or Grandma on Mother’s day. I think it would go perfectly with your favorite book! 

The next project I found was this keychain:
I think it is so precious that you put the cute thumb print on here.

Items needed:
Sculpey modeling clay
Rolling pin
Tiny cookie cutter (or you can free hand it if you are talented!)
Key rings
Mod podge (optional) 
picture (optional) 

Roll out your clay to the thickness you desire. 
Use your cookie cutter to cut your heart. 
Have your child imprint their finger in the heart and then punch a hole in the corner.
Bake in an oven on 275 for 15 minutes.
Attach your key ring.
I love to add a personal touch so I used mod podge to add a picture of my daughter on the back. 

OK.. I just have to brag just a LITTLE.  I went to Camera Shy to get a few fun pics done. I go there for all of my family photos but because it is so inexpensive, I like to go there for some fun photos as well!  For this day, I asked them to take a few pictures of Kayla because she got into BYU and Ashley was running for class officer at her High School.  They did those and many others for me.  It was fun to just walk around and use all the different backgrounds.  Here are a few I loved the most :) 

I wasn't even planning to take a picture but I LOVED these doors!