Friday, August 24, 2018

Good Things Utah Segment - Mason Jar Meals

I have loved doing Mason Jar Salads and snacks. It takes some time to prep, but the ease in grabbing something health(ier) to eat from the fridge has been a great way to stay out of the drive-thru for meals! Here are a few of my favorites:
I love putting fruit in cups. At first, I was doing mason jars but then started buying clear cups and lids from Costco so I could just throw them in there. Easy to grab and put in your cup holder while driving, and disposable, so you aren’t washing moldy mason jars all the time!
I also love making these “mini salads.” These aren’t meant to be a meal, but to be a quick snack for in between meals. Two of my favorite is to put rice vinegar in a 2 oz. container, then cut up cucumbers and add some black sesame seeds. Another is to put cucumbers and grape tomatoes cut in half in a cup and smother with Italian Dressing. 
Another easy way to pack a healthy snack is to put some celery with either peanut butter or almond butter in a cup. I sometimes add a few chocolate chips to make it feel like a treat! I used to put the almond or peanut butter in the bottom of the cup but then realized that it is way easier to stick it in the 2 oz. container just because I was getting too lazy to shove my hand down in the cup. 

Some of my favorite meals to make are:
To make:
Boil 1 box of Farfalle pasta
Tear apart a rotisserie chicken and add it to the drained pasta once cooked al dente. Tip: I love to just put on gloves and tear it apart! It is SO much quicker!
Add in 1/3 cup canola oil, 1/4 cup sesame oil, 1/4 cup (I splash a little more) of soy sauce, 1/3 cup of honey and 3 T of rice vinegar and 5 T roasted sesame seeds.
**Put this mixture in the bottom of your jar**
Then add in this order:
Sweet peppers
A sprinkle of cilantro and green onion 
Baby spinach. 

*Trust me, this is delicious!*
To Make:
Cook ground beef or turkey with taco seasoning like you are making a regular taco
Layer the ingredients in the following order:
Ground Beef
Catalina Dressing
Pinto Beans
Cheddar Cheese
Then, I stick crunched up Doritos in a 2 oz container to sprinkle on top!

Stack in this order:
Dressing…sometimes when I feel like LOVING my meals, I will go to Cafe Rio and get their Creamy Tomatillo Dressing. Then, the next week when I feel guilty… I use the Cilantro Avocado Yogurt Dressing. 
Black beans
Chicken - I use rotisserie chicken

I think one of the things I love most about these meals, is that they make my fridge look so pretty!

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Monday, May 21, 2018

I like to give Teacher gifts at the end of the year. Most of the time, I like to give a gift card. But, when I give gift cards, I like to add a little personal touch, and I think these ideas are a good inexpensive way to make your gift more personal without breaking the bank! These are fun gifts to add with a gift card or to just give alone!
Hand Soap and Lotion: You can download the print from the original pin that says “Hands Down, you’re the best teacher around” and just attach it to a hand soap and/or lotion!
Nail Polish: “Thanks for being a toe-tally awesome teacher”. This would also be cute with a gift card to get your nails done! The tag can be downloaded here.
“Orange you Glad it’s Summer: Fill up a fun little gift with all kinds of orange items.
You can then add this tag
Plant: Plants are so cute and SO easy to take care of. This cute tag saying “Thanks for helping me grow” is perfect with a fun house plant! 
iTunes gift card holder: This clever gift card holder says “Thanks for an app-solutely fantastic school year” and is PERFECT to add a personal touch to iTunes gift cards! You can download the holder here.
Summer gift tag: This gift tag reads “All year you have worked hard to make learning fun! So now it is your turn to relax in the sun!” It is a really cute tag to put on a summer hammock and fun cup! You can download the tag on the original pin.
Favorite Book: You can give your favorite book, or have your kids select their favorite book to give their teacher. This bookmark is a fun way to personalize your gift. You can download it here.

Happy Summer!


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Arm Knitting Blanket

This fun blanket is all over social media. Probably because it is pretty fun to make and SUPER cozy!
It will take you about an hour (if you can figure it out the first time), but once you start, you can’t stop so make sure to carve out time to be able to finish!

Arm knitting comes in 4 simple steps and I used a combo of 2 pins to figure out how to do it! I used this pin: and this pin:

Item needed: Premier Couture Jazz Yarn. I bought mine on Amazon for $46 for 6 skeins. She uses 8 but I couldn’t find something in less than a 6-pack and with my track record, I didn’t want to buy another 6… I am better at ruining things than I am at successfully making them! 

1. Casting: You will want to do 18 stitches, I did 17 since I had a little less yarn.
So… This should be easy. BUT, it took me 1 hour to figure it out. I could not get it! I ended up figuring out by doing it a little different from the video. I hope I can describe it well!
- Create a slip knot and put it on your right arm. For this knot, you will want a tail that is about 2.75 “arm widths” long. (I am so technical) 
- Hold the “working yarn” (the yarn attached to the skein) in your left hand in a “V” shape on your left hand.

- Loop the yarn around your thumb.
- With your right hand… go through the loop on your thumb, grab the “tail” and pull it through. Stick the loop made from the tail on your right arm! 
**NOTE: This process alone took me an hour to figure out. This is how coordinated I am**
Keep repeating this step until your blanket is as wide as you would like it. I made mine 17 stitches wide. 

--You will only do this for one row --
2. Knitting: You will want to do about 35 rows of this. 
- To knit, you pick up the “working yarn” with your right hand then let one loop that has been cast on your right arm go over the working yarn loop. Now take this new working yarn loop and put it on your left arm. **Keep these stitches tight (but not so tight you can’t feel your arms because there is no blood flow (experience speaking here) **
- Repeat this step until all the stitches on your right arm are now on the left. 
- Now repeat this step going from the left arm back over to the right. 
Keep repeating this step until your blanket is as long as you would like. 

3. Cast off: 
- Knit 2 stitches from one arm to the next. (Like before)
- Slip the first stitch over the last stitch. This will leave you with just one stitch left on your arm. 
- Knit 1 stitch from one arm to the next so you have 2 stitches on the other arm again and repeat slipping the first stitch over the last stitch. 
Repeat this until you have 1 stitch left. 
- Cut off the working yarn, pull it over and tie a knot. 

You can hide the tails by braiding them into the blanket.