Wednesday, May 18, 2016

DIY Macrame Hammock

This week I thought it would be fun to celebrate summer with this fun DIY hammock. The original pin is here I would check it out, she does a way better explanation (and her pics are better too).
Items needed:
(3) 1.25 x 30 inch dowels
(2) 5/8 inch x 36 inch dowels
200 yards of 1/4 inch macrame cord or rope
8 yards of 1/2 inch rope
(4) 1 inch wood screws
Drill, measuring tape and scissors

1) The instructions state to drill a 1/4" hole 3” from the end of each 1 1/4” dowel. I would do an 1/3" hole because I could not get the 1/2" rope anywhere near able to fit in the 1/4" hole. 
2) Drill a 5/8" hole 2” from each side of 2 of the 1 1/4”  dowels.
**TIP** When she said to make sure your holes are even, she isn’t kidding! We tried really hard to make ours even and it was still totally crooked. I would definitely measure out before you drill. 
3) Put your 5/8” dowel in the 1 1/4” dowel (as shown) and use a wood screw to keep it in place.
**TIP** Drill a small hole first before you put the screw in so the 5/8” dowel doesn’t crack. 
4) Set your frame against a wall
5) Cut (16) 26 foot pieces of cord.
6) Wrap the loop around the dowel from the front to the back as shown…now you will have 32 strands hanging
**TIP** To make the seat, you will basically be doing square knots. It can be pretty confusing and quite honestly, the more I looked at the pictures the more confused I got. Just repeat the directions I write in your head and pretty soon the pattern will be obvious to you!
7) Starting with the first four cords, take the left cord and cross it over the center two, then under the right cord.
8) Take the right cord and cross it under the center two cords and up through the hole, passing over the left cord.
9) To complete the second half of the knot, you’ll do the same thing in reverse. Take the right cord and cross it over the center two, then under the left cord. Then take the left cord and cross it under the center two cords and up through the hole, passing over the right cord. Pull the knot tight. Continue this with all the cords.
10) For the next row, you will do the exact same thing but start with the 3rd cord.
11) For the next row, you will go back to the first cord. 
12) Continue until your seat is about 15 inches longer than your frame.
13) Tie the bottom to the bottom of the frame and trim your cords to your desired length. 
14) For the last of the ropes, tie your 1/2 inch rope in the 3rd dowel (which will turn it into a hanger) 
15) Cut (2) 65” rope lengths. Thread through the bottom of the frame and then tie to the 3rd dowel (hanger).
16) Cut (2) 60” rope lengths. Thread through the top of the frame and then tie to the 3rd dowel (hanger) 
Voila! You are done! 

My opinion… not having the frame perfectly straight made my chair look a little ridiculous. 
But, I did find the actual macrame fun and relaxing to do. 
And, the hammock was super comfortable. BUT, I was afraid to sit in it. Could be psychological but it didn’t feel super sturdy. 
This chair cost me about $25 for the cord, $18 in dowels, $5 in rope (total $48) plus 5 hours in time. I think I would have preferred to order this chair for $55 on Amazon. There were others for as low as $30.

As much as I thought this was fun… I would call this a PINTEREST FAIL mostly for the time and cost.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Favorite Things Mother's Day Block craft

This week I am excited to do a pin that is actually my own pin!  I love this craft and think it would make the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift!

The original pin is here
I made this pin 5 years ago and it is one of the few crafts I made and actually kept all these years! It still sits in my office!

For Mother’s Day, I think the perfect thing is pictures! Making these blocks just adds even more of a personal touch to your gift. 

For these pictures, I went to Camera Shy (www.camerashy,com) at Gardener Village and did an outdoor shoot. I love this idea because I can make this craft, but also give all the pictures from our photo shoot to my mom! Camera Shy gives you the pictures on a really cute jump drive so you can print or distribute your pictures however you would like!

To Make this craft is soooo easy:

Items Needed:
4x6 pictures
2x4 cut to 13 inches
4x4 Beam cut into blocks…. did you know you can ask Home Depot to cut your wood? 
Photo Texture Cream (I got mine from Poppyseed Projects)
Paint Brush
Adhesive (I used Elmer’s Spray adhesive)
Nail File

1) Paint your 2x4 block of wood
2) Print out your saying, glue it on the front (or you can use mod podge)
3) Paint the edges of your blocks (optional)
4) Cut your pictures to the size of your block and glue them to the block. 
5) I like to use a nail file (I buy a really rough one and use it to make the edges of the blocks perfectly flush)
6) Use a paint brush or any texture you would like to paint on some photo texture cream. The cream is optional, I just like it because it gives your photos texture!
Such a fun finished craft!

And not to brag... but really, to brag... here are a few more of our pictures from our photo shoot!


Friday, April 8, 2016

Products I've been Pinning!

Do you ever find the PERFECT thing and just fall in love with it? People love to share lipstick colors, nail colors, I find myself pinning products that I love. These products are like that favorite lipstick color. They are not items I am "selling" or are being paid to talk about. They are products I love so much I bought them for myself. 
The first product would be these amazing cuddle blankets. True story… when I had my first daughter I was given a VERY HEAVY crochet blanket. I didn’t understand the concept of a “blankie”. That blanket went with us everywhere and it was huge, sweaty and started unraveling (which really put me in a panic). Since then, I have selected my blankets VERY carefully because I know how important they are! This blanket is lightweight but warm and has the sweetest little addition that I think makes it different from any other blankie…these darling charms. 
You can put get whatever charms mean the most to you inside. It can be for sympathy, babies, get well, I love you, you name it! The owner (Brian) hand sews these blankets for you with SO much love and he is right here in Utah. I adore these blankets and have been addicted to buying them. You can check out their website at 
I found this company “In a Pikle” at a local trade show here in Utah and bought it because I hadn’t seen anything like it. I STILL have mine and I think I have bought one for all of my friends. 
I have the classic  in my purse and one I have had in the door of my car for years and years. It has saved me because I throw bandaids, medicine, tweezers, so many things in there! It is amazing what can fit!  They sell really fun kits of things you can put in them, or you can get creative. I used one to organize my jewelry for travel! They have come out with a few new products that was just delivered to me and they are SO FUN. 
The purses have a place where you can put in some pouches or it can just be a super fun cute purse on its own! 
Image from:
I love this “bundle” because you can stick a baby changing mat, diaper and some snacks or supplies and grab it when you just need to run somewhere real quick. Since I am out of that stage, I just stick my makeup in it and it is PERFECT! Their website is Check it out… I got one for my Mom for Mother’s day and she loves it too! Oh - and did I mention that when I got my shipment the other day I noticed that this is a LOCAL Utah company!
I love Spring! But  here in Utah the weather is just a bit crazy. So, my bumper is always dirty. Since I am so short I have to lean on my bumper to reach all that I have inside and it gets so frustrating if I snag a sweater or get junk all over my clothes. This bumper blanket is a simple but MUCH NEEDED item in my life. It just attaches to my trunk with velcro  and when I need to get things out of my trunk, I can just pull it out to protect my clothes. looovveee this. And, they are a local company. In fact, I know their family. Such great people :) They even gave me a discount to pass on to you!
Use the code Shyloh for 25% off your order.
Last little gem I found was on Amazon. I saw someone just post a picture of this on Pinterest with a tag that said “lifesaver” and I had no idea what they were talking about. Now I do! Holy cow! You can make boiled eggs in 6 MINUTES! Let me remind you of an old Instagram post I once did. 

I am terrible at boiling eggs. This little cooker takes up no space, and makes it so I will never have exploding eggs ever again! They come out perfect and better yet, you can get this thing for around $25! It is called the Dash Go, Rapid Egg Cooker. The link I ordered mine from is here.