Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Deck of Cards Workout

I have a personal trainer that knows it is HARD to keep my attention when we do workouts!   Whenever he would show up with a deck of cards, I knew I was in trouble! 

In looking online, I found this pin where others have done the same thing!  

Here is what we do:
Shuffle the deck
Each suit is a different exercise, the numbers on the cards are the number of reps.  Face cards are all 10, Aces are 11.  The goal is to do the entire deck as quickly as you can. 

Here is an example of our last workout:

Hearts:  Burpees
Spades:  Push - Ups (he would vary the style as we were going)
Clubs:  Sit-ups (he would vary the type as well)
Diamonds: Squat Jumps
Jokers:  These are usually some sort of “special” exercise.  Like Wall Sits for 3 minutes or something equally as terrible (oops I mean beneficial) 

This is fun to do alone because you have the challenge of getting through the deck to distract you.  It is even more fun to do with a friend because you can “race” to get through the deck quicker!

**If you are wondering who my trainer is, his name is Mark Oyler.  We have used him for years.  He even comes to our house and does really fun workouts either inside or outside.  His cell phone # is 801-450-7205


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Life Hacks

Poo Poo Spray
Yes!  This works!  And…I know this because I tried it.  (EWWW!)  I kept seeing poo poo spray pop up for white elephant gifts and was so curious if it would really work.  Here is what I have found… by using essential oils and glycerine, it will basically create a layer on your toilet water, trapping the smell inside your toilet bowl!  I think this is great for travel when you have roommates or to have a little bottle in your bag so you can secretly spritz it when you are visiting a friend and have business to take care of!

I used a few oils I like (and I had around the house), so here was my recipe:

3 oz. distilled water
1 oz. denatured alcohol (Amazon has a qt. for $10.98:  Klean-Strip Green QKGA75003 Denatured Alcohol, 1-Quart)
25 drops of Doterra Lemon essential oil 
10 drops of Doterra Citrus Bliss essential oil
15 drops of Doterra  Wild Orange essential oil
      (I buy my oils from my Aunt Karen you can find her on Facebook under Bee Essentially Better
        or you can email her at
1 tsp vegetable glycerine (You can get 4 oz. on Amazon for $2.99 here:NOW Foods Vegetable Glycerine, 4 Ounce)

Mix these ingredients together!  This blogger did mention that the alcohol is optional.  Many people on the blog mentioned you could use Vodka in place of the denatured alcohol for the same effect.  Regular Poo I did notice you need to shake the spray before every use.  I got pretty into it… even made a poem to print and stick to the bottle:

If you’re ever in a spot 
Where you might “smell” a lot…
Spray this BEFORE you fill your loo
And all your friends will thank you!

So... is it worth it to make... the original spray can be found here:

It is $9.99 for 2 oz. I would say I spent about $48 in oils, $3 in glycerin, $11 in denatured alcohol total $62.  BUT, I could easily make 15 5oz. batches... that is $.83 per oz versus $5 per oz. Since we plan to go #2 forever.. the initial investment was worth it!!!

Some other fun life hacks I found from this pin
Testing for new batteries
Drop your battery on your counter.  If it drops and then falls over (feels heavy) it is new.  If it bounces several times (feels empty) it is old!

Ironing over Shirt Buttons
It is a pain to iron around every button!  If you are in a hurry, turn over the shirt and iron over all of them!

Fix those broken pens!
If your pen isn’t working, before throwing it away… use a lighter to burn the tip.  (not too long, I did that once, melted the pen…oops!)  The lighter will melt any build up ink that has clogged the pen. 


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Just a little Pinspiration :)

One thing we all love about Pinterest is the inspirational quotes.  You can always tell what kind of mood I am in by the massive quotes I begin to post to my Pinterest account!  I am excited to share 4 of MANY I have loved!
My first is my favorite.  I am always telling my kids. You never know the power of ONE.  This goes for good or bad things.  You tear someone down, you never know the damage.  But…. if you lift someone up, you say just one kind thing… that is powerful and that can change lives.  For real. 
I love this next quote because it is about friendship, which is so important!  There are times when I think to myself “holy cow, I can barely stand being with myself” after I’ve unloaded my life “first world problems” to my BFF.  Then, when I realize she isn’t hiding from me, but actually cares… that’s when I know I am lucky.
…and sometimes I feel (especially in this dirty, dingy air we have  been in), we should just shout out this song… and you know what… it works because you can’t frown singing it 
Lastly, I like this quote because…well…I m going on 19 years and I really don’t think I am much of an inspiration any longer.  But… I would like to be which is the reason this actually sticks to my mirror :)  For those who are still in the “Newlywed Bliss” stage… I envy you, but I also want to remind you that it is normal to feel like it is just a matter of not “giving up”.  So when things get tough, stick through it and try to be that inspiration for your husband!

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