Saturday, January 7, 2017

Vision Boards

’Tis the Season for Vision Boards! 

Vision boards actually work! Why? Because what we focus on really happens! It has been reported that when Olympic athletes would visualize their sport, it would activate the same brain patterns as when they actually did their sport. (You can read more about visualization here)
You can download your own worksheet HERE.

Before making your vision board, it helps to first clarify your goals or intentions (what you want). I created a goal sheet (on my blog) that you can use to help map out some goals you would like to achieve. Try not to overwhelm yourself with too many goals. Consider only having 1-3 goals per category. If a category doesn’t resonate with you, don’t worry about making a goal for it! 

When creating a vision board, there are no instructions and no rules. I think the most important thing is that you connect with the board. That you create something that you would enjoy looking at. 

Consider using:
Canvas, poster, foam core board, picture in a frame, white board, magnet board or cork board. 
Photos, quotes, sayings, reminders of events (trinkets from a trip)… you can print pictures from your computer
Markers to write or draw on your board
You will need scissors, tape and glue. If you use a cork board or magnet board, you can change the board as you change so you would want pins or magnets!

Just a few tips:
Focus on putting things on there that make you think about how you FEEL. For example, I put a picture of a “love you enough” logo. This is the logo from a personal coach I went to (her website is here: Through her sessions, she helped me to understand some of my thoughts and to help me honor my truth. It felt so freeing, I put her logo on my board to remind me that I can live my truth and how I felt in her sessions. 

If you use a body, put your head on the body or have it not include a head so you can visualize it is you achieving the goal. 

Don’t do this in a hurry! Give yourself a few hours.
Consider doing this with friends or family!

On a blog post that I pinned to learn about vision boards, Christine Kane said:

 I loved this thought. 


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Countdowns!

This week, our pin is featuring a few of my favorite Christmas Countdown Pins. 

This was the EASIEST countdown to make! I created my version from this pin.

I only did 12 days because (to be honest) all 24 days is tiring to keep up with! 

Items needed:
12 boxes (I got mine from Pak N Wrap… they cost $4 for all of them and I made sure they were the same height).
A surface to put your boxes on. (I used a framed white board)
Type numbers on your computer
Cute Christmas paper to decorate the boxes (optional) 

Put the numbers on the boxes and tape them on the board! You can also use a heavy duty magnet and magnet board as well!
The second calendar I thought younger kids would think was fun is this pin.

Items Needed:
tri - fold foam core board
Tissue Paper
Circle Cutter
13 brown bags

1. Trace 12 squares the same size as the bottom of the bag. 
2. Trace the squares onto your wrapping paper. 
3. Cut your paper bags the height you would like them. 
4. Tape into the holes
5. Add glue to the edges of all the holes
6. Put the tissue paper on top of the holes
6. Cut a circle smaller than the rectangles you traced on your wrapping paper.
7. Wrap it around your board. 
8. Add your numbers and title (if you would like)

Check out the original pin for detailed pictures!
And lastly, the calendar we love the most… The Lego advent calendar! Did everyone know about this? We never get tired of how fun this is :) 


Friday, November 18, 2016

Thanksgiving Day Fun!

Pinterest is loaded with ideas of things our kids can do for Thanksgiving Day. I am featuring 3 ideas I thought were a little more original!
Teachers probably know all about playing games to match a book. But, as a parent, I think this would be a really fun idea for Thanksgiving day. Each child can print out and color their “Old Lady”. Then, a parent or older child can have fun reading this funny story while the child “feeds” her Old Lady the food. I like this pin because it combines together links to make the best puppet!
This pin seems REALLY simple. And, it is! My version is even more simple than the original :) For thanksgiving day, I like crafts that the kids can do their own without much adult help since we are busy cooking. 

Items needed:
Terra cotta pot and corresponding lid
Brown and Orange Acrylic Paint
Wooden Knob
Pipe Cleaner

I painted the pot orange. Seemed silly because really, the terra cotta pot is already a shade of orange. But, I went ahead and did it anyway because it would keep little hands busier longer :)  

Paint the knob brown and attach to the “lid” of the pot.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around the knob, then use a pencil to make them curly. 
This pin looks like so much fun for kids (and adults) alike :)
Items needed: 
Drinking Straw
Turkey Drawing

I just found a printable online for my turkeys. The printable I used was here.

You can also find black and white coloring pages to use instead!
Attach the straw to the turkey, and then to the balloon. 

Tie your strings across some chairs and let the race begin!