Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Quick and Easy Ideas to Ask or Answer a School Dance

Prom season is here, and the fun begins with asking and answering someone to a school dance! Here are three ideas that are quick and easy!
“It would only make cents if you would go to formal with me.”
Write the quote on a poster, throw some change in a jar or bowl and hide your name in the change written on some coins.
"Don’t let me go SOLO…prom?”
Write the quote on a poster, write your name on the bottom of some of the cups and mix them up with the other cups. You can use as many cups as you would like. Fill their entire porch!
You could use this to answer with the quote “Will you end up SOLO at prom?” and then put yes or no under the cups.
“Count to find my answer.”
Put skittles or M&M’s in a bowl. Count out, so you have the most greens…. if you’re saying yes!
Make a poster that says “Green = Yes.” “Yellow = Maybe,” “Red = No,” “Count to find my answer! Whichever color has the most is the answer!)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Ideas to Entertain Kids During the Big Game on Sunday!

Kids can get bored while watching the big game, having a few activities to entertain them helps to keep both the parent and the child happy! I came up with a few ideas (and copied a one) that I thought would be fun!
Jenga is fun all by itself. But, adding words to your blocks is an excellent way to add a little fun to this game. You can play this with any Jenga set but using the giant set is a fun touch to a party.

To prep the game:
Print words that pertain to the big game on each block. Some words that I used were: Champion, cheerleaders, coin toss, commercial, defense, defensive backs, downs, fans, field goal, football, fumble, soda commercial, beer commercial, the halftime show, passing, penalty, free kick, touchdown, rushing, car commercial, etc. 

To play:
When you see something that is on the block, you will move that block to the top of the stack. Try not to be the one who tips it over!
Bean bags never get old, kids always love to play them! 

To make this, I used:
To prep, you will need:
2 yards  72-inch green felt
1/4 yard 72-inch yellow felt
5 sheets of white felt
3 sheets of brown felt (for 3 football bean bags) 

The yellow strips were cut to be 2 inches wide. Glue or sew them to the green flannel. For the rest of the pieces, I just cut them be hand. I have made a template you can use to cut out your pieces HERE if you would like to use it. 

To play:
Throw your bean bags on the mat. Whatever number you land on is the total score for your turn. First person to reach 30 wins!
To prep the game, you will need:
1 Football
Saran Wrap
2 dice
Socks or Mittens
Wrap candy up around the football using the Saran Wrap

To play:
All players will sit in a circle
The first player will roll the dice up to 3 times. 
If they get doubles within those three tries, they put the socks on their hands and start trying to get candy! Before they start digging, they will pass the dice to the next player. They get to dig for the candy until the next player gets doubles. 

If they don’t get doubles, the dice just goes to the next player. It goes around the circle until the candy is all unwrapped and someone gets the grand prize.. the football inside!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Vision Boards

’Tis the Season for Vision Boards! 

Vision boards actually work! Why? Because what we focus on really happens! It has been reported that when Olympic athletes would visualize their sport, it would activate the same brain patterns as when they actually did their sport. (You can read more about visualization here)
You can download your own worksheet HERE.

Before making your vision board, it helps to first clarify your goals or intentions (what you want). I created a goal sheet (on my blog) that you can use to help map out some goals you would like to achieve. Try not to overwhelm yourself with too many goals. Consider only having 1-3 goals per category. If a category doesn’t resonate with you, don’t worry about making a goal for it! 

When creating a vision board, there are no instructions and no rules. I think the most important thing is that you connect with the board. That you create something that you would enjoy looking at. 

Consider using:
Canvas, poster, foam core board, picture in a frame, white board, magnet board or cork board. 
Photos, quotes, sayings, reminders of events (trinkets from a trip)… you can print pictures from your computer
Markers to write or draw on your board
You will need scissors, tape and glue. If you use a cork board or magnet board, you can change the board as you change so you would want pins or magnets!

Just a few tips:
Focus on putting things on there that make you think about how you FEEL. For example, I put a picture of a “love you enough” logo. This is the logo from a personal coach I went to (her website is here: Through her sessions, she helped me to understand some of my thoughts and to help me honor my truth. It felt so freeing, I put her logo on my board to remind me that I can live my truth and how I felt in her sessions. 

If you use a body, put your head on the body or have it not include a head so you can visualize it is you achieving the goal. 

Don’t do this in a hurry! Give yourself a few hours.
Consider doing this with friends or family!

On a blog post that I pinned to learn about vision boards, Christine Kane said:

 I loved this thought.