Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Spider Bun Hair Segment... and a Pinterest SAVE!

If you missed the segment, you can click HERE to be taken to the link!
And, LET ME JUST SAY... I was pretty thrilled that this Girly Glue segment was before me because it would make this hair style SO EASY!  I just checked out their website and it is only $5.99 for a bottle and I think it would be an awesome must have for babies, mustaches (you never know when you would need one)... and spider bun hair!!!

Their website is

Spider Hair Bun

October is here and it is time to start thinking about festive Halloween hair.  It is important that I cover this pin early in the month because I KNOW everyone will be wanting to wear this look every day.

The pin that inspired this hair do was found here

The instructions are simple!  
Take bobby pins and attach pipe cleaners cut in half to the ends for the legs

Hot glue gun 2 googly eyes to the front and a bobby pin to the back of a pom pom.  

Put your hair in a bun and attach the bobby pins as shown in the picture.
My perspective…  I think this is a cute little hair do.  BUT, I couldn’t stop laughing.  It is almost impossible to get the legs looking perfect, I really think it would fall out in a short amount of time.  BUT… it is definitely really cute!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Guest Hosting for the Day!

So much fun!  I got to host on Good Things Utah Friday!  Here is the link to some of the fun Segments I got to host!